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My SuperWiki page is now finished! They even posted about it on Twitter. *g*

SuperWiki: Cast Birthdays

Honestly, I don't know why there wasn't a page like this long before now. I see fans wish SPN actors happy birthday on Twitter and to some lesser degree here on LJ all the time. How people keep track of them all, I don't know, but I figured there needs to be a place where you can look up a list of the actor's birthdays by month. I tweeted back & forth with SuperWiki. I said, "Why don't you have this?", they said, "You wanna make one?", and I said, "Sure!". So now we have one. :)

Btw, the only reason some people are missing from the list (Gabriel Tigerman, for one example) is because I couldn't find a birthdate listed anywhere for them. :( Danneel Harris, though not an actor on SPN, is also listed because, of course, she's married to Jensen and because so many SPN fans are fans of her (and follow her on Twitter).

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