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First Impressions: 6x13 Unforgiven

Late again with my review. WTH???

Sorry folks. I guess this is the way it's going to be...getting this posted just before the next episode airs. (Well, okay, this time alot of you will have already seen tonight's eppy by the time you read this. Whatever.) :P

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Recap: Death, putting up a wall in Sam's mind, Sam's soul returned, Sam knows, Cas is upset

Bristol, Rhode Island....One Year Ago
Robo!Sam is doing a bunch of shooting as Samuel waits.
Aaaah, Steveston! Hee!
Uh, oh....cop on their tail and Sam's got blood on his jacket. 
Aaaand....he notices it....he's going to arrest them.
Whoah....Robo!Sam goes ballistic! Uses the poor cop as a punching bag. Ouch.
Samuel questions it, but not too much.
Samuel: You think there are maybe calmer ways we could have done all that?
Sam: Do we care? Let's go.

Present Day....
Sam's catching up on the TV & Dean's been catching up with Bobby on the "mother of all" thing.
Dean: He says it's quiet.
Sam: Quiet like quiet? Or quiet like too quiet?
Dean: When is it ever just quiet?

Sam gets some coordinates texted to his phone....interesting.
Sam wants to go check it out, but Dean's worried about this being a trap.
He still gives in...and they go.

Whoah....Sam's getting flashbacks.
Oh, Sammy....don't lie to Dean. :(

"It's all in the eyes" LOL Dean...
The "Poop Deck"....how appropriate. :P
Uh oh....some people recognize Sam.

Dean's back to flriting...that's good. *g*
He also notices something on the photo board...

And he bails Sam out of an awkward situation.
Whoah...more hot, sexy flashbacks as she touches Sam's shoulder. o_O

Dean: She just cougar-eyed you.

Sam finds out that a year ago, 5 guys disappeared....now gals are going missing.
He's convinced whatever's here is still around, but Dean doesn't think so.
Dean: Sam, there is a reason that hunters don't hit the same town over again. Because we have a habit of leaving messes behind.
Sam: Right, I agree.
Dean: One of Dad's rules: you never use the same crapper twice.
Sam: Everyone uses the same crapper twice.
Dean: Not us . . . You know what I mean.

Sam wants to make this right, finish the job that he left behind, that Dean would do the same thing.
Dean agrees....checks out about the girls, while Sam questions the cops.

Ah....Dean finds one of Robo!Sam's Agent Roark cards. 
Love the tall reference...hee!

Dean: And how would you characterize their relationship?
Flatmate: Relationship? No, they weren't having...
Dean: Just the tone or the nature of their conversation?
Flatmate: Well, loud and... athletic.
Oh boy....

Yikes....Sam's in trouble right away. It's the cop dude Robo!Sam beat up. 

And Sammy's in the slammer.
Poor Sam can't answer any of the cop's questions. 

Geez, it's late and you'd think Dean would come looking for him...
Great....a woman looking for her husband is questioning him now....and she knows he's a hunter. 
More flashbacks....of her & her husband talking to him and Samuel.
Her husband was the sheriff.
Hee! Days of our Lives joke. *giggles*
He tries to tell her he has no memory of a year ago, but she's not buying it....at first.

Awww....the puppy eyes still work! She lets him out.

Whoah...creepy hand from under the stairs!


Sam: "You'd love to say I told you so" Heh.
Dean tells Sam about talking to the roommate & finding out about Robo!Sam's extracurricular activities.
Dean: I got to say, man -- you really got around. I mean, soulless or not I'm actually kind of impressed.
Another missing person on the police scanner....Dean tells Sam to stay put, he'll go after it. Yeah, like Sam ever stays put. :P
Damn....Dean's found the connection....Robo!Sam....he banged all the gals that have gone missing.
And Sam's not answering his phone....cute.

Sam's gone back to meet Brenna and ask for her help.
More flashbacks....whoah....Samuel was opening up a lot about his family.
"Family just slows you down." Ouch...yeah that sounds like Robo!Sam alright.

Sam gets more flashbacks looking through the sheriff's case files....Robo!Sam & Samuel at the bar, getting caught in the picture, discussing the case.

She finally gets that Sam really has no memory of being there before.

Sam takes the files and gets Dean's voicemail message telling him he's the one in the trap.
Some very creepy webbing there on the porch...and a very cool POV shot of Sam.

Dean! That was a close one...again. 
Sam: I almost shot you...Again. What the hell?

Okay, weird cobwebs & POV...what is this, a giant spider???


Sam remembers now...it's an arachne....I knew it! Heh.
Dean wants to get out of dodge, that this thing is after Sam and that he's remembering more and more.
DEAN: I don't think you get the risk here, Sam.
SAM: Yes, I do.
DEAN: Really? You get that every time you scratch that wall, that you are playing Russian roulette?
SAM: Dean, I get you're worried, okay? And I know what you think is gonna happen. But you know what? It will or it won't.
DEAN: Sam --
SAM: --look, I'm starting to think that -- that I might have done some bad stuff here, Dean. And so I don't care if it's dangerous. I have to set things right, 'cause I got a frigging soul now, and -- and it won't let me just walk away. I'm staying here. And I need you to back me up.
DEAN: All right. Why not? Well, let's "memento" this thing, shall we?

He needs Dean to back him up...so big brother does.

Up goes the info. wall....and more flashbacks....

Oh, man....they used the Sheriff as bait. :(
He was attacked....and they lost them....and Samuel started to see how cold Robo!Sam was....
SAMUEL: So, what, Roy's just some redshirt to you, just spider bait?
SAM: No, no, of course not. This is my back-up plan.
SAMUEL: My God, son, you're about as cold as they come. You know that?

They find the lair....and the wrapped up bodies....and they're alive!
There's the Sheriff, Roy....is it the chick from the bathroom?....the two of them kill her.....
Samuel wants to save Roy & the others, but Robo!Sam says it's too late for them....just put them out of their misery is the way to go.

SAM: I don't know about Arachne, but I do know about spiders. One brown recluse bite can kill you. This thing? Look at these guys -- that poison's eating them alive. They're just dead men walking.
SAMUEL: So, what are you saying?
SAM: I'm saying we put him out of his misery.

So he shoots each one....systematically.....

Sam tells Dean he knows what happened.

Oh, man....it's Roy back from the dead.
Brenna tells them to swing by...Sam smells a trap, but they go to Brenna's anyway.

Whoo! Look at that snow!
Look out boys....
Aw, man! The boys go flying! And Spidey!Roy's got Sam....


CW....you've got a lot of nerve using that Nikita/TVD ad tonight....Grrrrrrrrr.

Damn....the boys are all cocooned.
The arachne turned Roy....so the bullets didn't kill him and now he's out for revenge....

Roy turned the girls....laying all that on Sam's shoulders.
Roy: You killed one monster, you made so many more.
Meanwhile, Dean's trying to get his hand on a piece of glass to cut himself free.

Go Dean!!!!!
Yikes! Dean's getting strangled!!! Hurry Sam!!! Brenna cuts him free.

Sam got there just in time....decapitated him this time. Yeah, that'll work.


Sam apologizes to Brenna.....and it falls on deaf ears. Poor Sammy. :(

Sam admits Dean was right and they never should've come back there.
Dean tries again to say what he did before wasn't Sam, but Sam says it was him.
DEAN: Well, can I get you anything?
SAM: What are you now, my waitress?
DEAN: I'm just trying to make you feel better. Don't be a bitch.
SAM: Yeah, I'm fine.

I love worried, protective Dean so much!
Dean promises him everything's gonna be okay.
Oh, no!!!!!! Sammy!!!!!! He's seizing or something. WTH????

Crap....he broke the wall....he's remembering burning in hell. o_O Sammy!!!!!!! *cries*

:: Highlights ::
- I really liked the way the flashbacks were shot with the extreme black & white, kinda dreamy quality.
- Kudos to Jared for a great job on playing the two shades of Sam. In this episode you can really see how different they are.
- Someone (maybe on my flist, I don't remember) brought up that they're looking at Samuel different now because you can now see that he was as shocked by Sam's behavior as we were/are. The thing is, he had nothing to go by. He didn't know the real Sam, the one we all know and love. All he got was Robo!Sam, the soulless Sam with the cold look and the shoot first ask questions later attitude. He's got a warped impression of his grandson.
- The ending! OMG Poor Sam remembering being in the cage and burning. And poor Dean panicking and not knowing what to do. *hugs both boys*
We see in the following promo that Sam's up and around again, so does this mean that he's going to keep having these seizures where he remembers hell? It just came out of nowhere. I hope they give us a clue about this.

Thanks for reading! :D

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