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Just 'Cause

This cap is from 5x16 "Dark Side Of The Moon".
Click to see the full-sized version.

Thought I'd kick off the first Just 'Cause post of year 4 with a bang. ;)
Thanks everyone for the sweet comments to yesterday's big anniversary post. *huggles* Spent 4 hours of Sunday capping 6x14 and I'm happy to say they look absolutely gorgeous compared to the previous eppy. I hope I can get a better copy of 6x13 at some point so I can re-cap it. I'd like to get my 6x14 review done sometime today because otherwise it probably won't be up until Thursday or Friday again. They're talking snow chance again this week. We didn't get any last week so I guess Mother Nature decided to take another swing at us. Tuesday through Thursday there's a chance, but they're still calculating how big a threat it is. I'm so tired of being cold. *grumbles* Have a good Monday folks and if you're in the U.S., Happy President's Day! :D

Tags: just cause, random cap, supernatural
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