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NY Times article about SPN

And it's not the good, flattering kind IMO.

NY Times: Heaven, Hell, Brothers and an Impala

Not spoilery, btw.

I outlined a lot of my dislike of the article on my Twitter, but here are a few highlights:

* Referencing the fans of SPN as 15 year olds in the first sentence is bad enough. Then we get: "To say that the series’s young fan base is active is grossly to understate the matter."
Uh, we're not all 15 years old. Get a clue before you write an article. Any SPN convention would show you that a good bulk of the fandom is over the age of 25.

* In trying to describe the show's plot: "perhaps you need the flower-bud brain cells of youth really to keep up."

* "Broadly speaking, it revolves around two brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester, who lose their mother early in life when a bizarre air current sucks her body up to the ceiling of the family house one night, leaving a bloody, ravaged corpse."
Uh...it was a demon...idiot. Granted, in the next paragraph it goes on to say that "occult forces" were at work, but still.

* "Dean, who speaks as if he were trying for chief-executive authority by forcing his voice down a few octaves"
Geez. Keeps getting better doesn't it?

* Why do the media have to keep bringing up the Paris Hilton episode? It was hardly the best of the series. Yet, here again it's highlighted. *sigh*

* When the article finally gets down to the close relationship between the 2 brothers and how unique it is we get another backlash: "Single children should watch at their own peril."
Um, I'm an only child and I can still appreciate and love the intense brotherly bond shown on the show. Don't assume I can't handle it because you think I can't relate.

I'm all for the mainstream media giving the show some attention, but this is the kind it doesn't need IMO. It's condescending and rude not only to the show, but to it's fans.

What about bringing up the great writing? The outstanding acting by Jensen and Jared? About how the show isn't really about scares and ghost-hunting but about family? (This is brought up a little at the end of the article, but it's almost a minor point.)

As much as I love the show, it upsets me when the media only take notice when the show has an episode that is sort of outside the box, such as with tonight's 6x15. While the occasional meta episode is fun and the true fans of the show can appreciate it and the humor, it's not a fair representation of what the show is really like. Sure, the show has humor, but it's not a laugh-fest week after week. There's a lot of dark, emotional trials that these two brothers go through in their day to day lives. The reason we enjoy the funny moments and the humorous episodes when they happen is because sometimes you need a break from all the life-threatening drama.

Your opinions may vary, but I simply had to express my own displeasure with this article. Now that I've gotten it out of my system, I'm set to enjoy tonight's episode. And I think I'm old enough to enjoy it.

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