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First Impressions: 6x14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning

Late again, but this is the new norm for me, right? :P

Goodness knows I tried to get this review done earlier. Had the episode capped sooner than usual and everything. Still didn't happen. *sigh*

(===============) Signify commercial breaks.

Recap: Lisa & Ben, Vamp!Dean hurting Ben, Lisa breaking off from Dean, Death, putting back Sam's soul, the great wall of Sam, Sam's seizure and remembering hell.

Oh God......we pick up right where we left off.....
Sam's still out of it and Dean's so scared.....that quiver in his voice OMG....*dies*
It's like Sam's death at Cold Oak in S2 all over again. :(
But this time Sammy's alive. Yay! Dean's getting them out of town pronto.

Janitor cleaning the floor....
Yikes....he's got a nasty cut in his forehead...owie!
Lights out....oh, this is not good
Eeep! The dummy's alive!!!!!! And the janitor's dead.....very bloody.

Ouch....Sam's head hurts. :(
Oh, Sammy....talk to Dean about it. He can sympathize.
Dean want's him to take this as a warning....leave the past alone.

Sam: Dean, I might of done... who knows what. And you want me to just forget about it?
Dean: You shove it down and you let it come out in spurts of violence and alcoholism.
Sam: That sounds healthy.
Dean: Well, it works for me.

Sam agrees to stop poking the wall and Dean's found a new case already.
A snooki sighting?

Dean playing with the anatomy dummy...
Dean: (holding plastic heart) Be my Valentine?
Sam: Dude, we're working. Put it back.
Dean: Have a heart!

Dean gets a call from Lisa....which he turns off.
Ah, video camera to the rescue!

oh, they've used this building before....
Security guard....oh, yeah this dude's gonna be toast. :P
Aaaahhhh! Faceless mannequin out of nowhere! And another bleeding forehead.
Holy....scissors! Whoah....yep....dude's dead.


Boys on the scene....Sam's checking with the EMF...and finds a strong signal over some mannequin limbs.
Sam's putting it together.
Dean: Okay, so what we've got a bunch of killer dolls, like Chucky? I mean, come on, that's just freaking creepy.
But there's no other connection....the crime scenes are too far apart.
Dean: (looks at mannequin) I don't like the way Kim Catrall's looking at me.

Sam's found a past missing victim....a seamstress....at least it's a lead.
Dean's phone rings again....Lisa....Sam makes him answer it.

It's Ben....something's wrong with Lisa. Uh oh.
Sam makes Dean go and check it out, pointing out that he took care of his past and now it's time for Dean to take care of his.
Dean's reluctant, but goes, leaving Sam to handle the case alone.

Sam interviews the sister of the missing seamstress...
She's got a photo album....she worked at the factory, too....so did the janitor.
Sam calls Dean with the news.

Sam interviews folks at the factory....
Yeah this guy is a little suspicious.
Heh...Sam's on top of it. Can see how nervous the guy is.

Dean's at Lisa & Ben's house.....and Lisa answers the door....all dressed up.
"We've been parent trapped." Heh.

Oh, man...I think I love those jeans....*ahem*
Dean wants to know who the guy is....Doctor Matt.
"Go to your room!" LOL That was awesome....except for Ben it wasn't so great. Heh.
Lisa: I know what I want. But I can't have it, not how you live. My phone rings, I think: tiny chance it's you? Big chance it's Sam calling to tell me you're dead.
Dean: Lis -
Lisa: No, don't. Don't apologize for anything. It's just, I get to this place where I'm okay and you show up at our door. You keep doing that - every time I think I'm never going to see you again. I'm trying to get over you. What are you trying to do? What do you want from us, Dean?

Nervous dude is on the phone....he's upset....and then there's blood and the forehead gash....yep, he's next.


Nervous dude's still alive....oh, Sam to the rescue.
Sam: That was a ghost trying to kill you for being a dick.
Johnny: What?!
Sam: You know what? You're lucky you were the most suspicious interview of all time. I figured something like this would happen.
Sam lines the room with salt....and wants the truth from the guy.
It was all a joke...some of the workers made Rose think she had a secret admirer.
They lured her to an apartment....with a mannequin for her "date".....bastards.
She fell by accident, dead from hitting her head on a table.
So they buried her....
Sam needs to know where.

Dean checks in on Ben...
Dean: A date's not an emergency, Ben.
Ben: It is if it's the third one. I watch TV - I know what that means.

Dean tries to convince Ben that he can't stick around.
Dean: Just cause you love someone, doesn't mean you should stick around and screw up their life. So I can't be here.
Ben: You think something will follow you home?
Dean: No. No, I don't, but I think my job turns me into something that can't sit at your dinner table. And if I stayed, you'd end up just like me.

Ben's not really buying his excuse...
Ben: You're a liar, Dean.
Dean: Excuse me?
Ben: You say family's so important, but what do you call people who care for you? Who love you even when you're a dick? You know you're walking out on your family, right?

Sam's found Rose's buried remains.
Ah, a good old salt and burn....like the old days. :)
He phones Johnny that it's over.

Dean drives back to Sam....thinking about Lisa...and Ben.
Poor Dean. He's trapped. Ben wants him as a Dad and Lisa wants him to go away.

Rose's sister is at a pub with some friends....
Johnny lives upstairs....OMG....WTH???? Ugly Real Doll!!!!!! That is now ALIVE!!!!! EEEEEEE!!!!!!!


Johnny's dead....ooops
Now what, Sam?
He sees the doll and he calls his brother to report it's not over.
"Dean's other, other cell" LOL

Sam gets Rose's effects from her sister.
It's her!!!! It's heeeerrrrrrrr Sammy!!!!
She's the center of this....
Oh, wow....she's got Rose's kidney....uh oh

Dean's back! Meets up with Sam and the girl "with the haunted kidney". LOL
Heh...Dean brings up Dr. Robert.
Oh, no...not the Impala!!!!
Love it when he calls the car "Baby". :)
Run Dean Run!!!!!!

Whoah....right into the store front...that was awesome.
Oh no......she's bleeding! A piece of glass in her gut. Ow.
And there's Rose....she's sorry.


Back at Bobby's place....mending the Impala
They feel they lost this one....
Dean: "All we do is make a mess."
Awww...Sam tries to look on the bright side again.
And he thanks Dean for getting his soul back. :)
Awww....boys...*tears up a little* That was sweet.

:: Highlights ::
- Love that we got that great opening scene with the boys. Great acting from both Jensen & Jared there. Jensen with his quivering panic and Jared with his bewildered confusion with Sam coming to.
- The mannequins in this eppy creeped me out. Doesn't help that I had a nightmare as a kid of being left behind at a department store & the mannequins coming to life and chasing me. Eeep.
- Really wish they hadn't re-used the "Be my Valentine?" line. The writers have been doing that a lot this season. Not sure if it's because they forget or if they just think the lines are cool enough to use again. Either way, I don't really care for it. Use the line once and then let it be. Unless it's a classic thing like "Jerk" & "Bitch", it doesn't need repeat performance.
- I liked seeing Lisa and Ben again. Not sure they'll ever be back and either way I'm okay with that. They left Dean in a tough position: wanting to be devoted to his new family, but not wanting to be a burden either. Lisa's clearly moved on, but Ben wants a father. Dean ended up going back to what he's always known for sure was his family...Sam.
- Another case that wasn't really a win. I for one, am glad they have these once in a while. Like Sam told Dean back in S1 (and kind of repeated here), they can't save everyone. They're heroes who save the day, but not every time. Makes them more human.
- Loved that Sam thanked Dean for bringing him back. That was sweet. Naturally, Dean shrugged it off, but I'm sure he still appreciated hearing it after dealing with soulless Sam for so long.

Thanks for reading! :D

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