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February 24th 2011 Snow Pics: 1 of 3

Finally got around to fixing & uploading my latest snow pics (which has now all melted - yay!). There are so many I'm splitting them up into 3 posts. Enjoy! :D

One of our roses out front w/new growth getting a rude awakening.

Even with the thick 5-7 inches of snow, some grass pokes through.

Our tree out front.

As you'll notice I've got a thing for rocks w/snow on them. ;)

The blocks between us and the house to our right/west.

Heather poking up through the snow.

Here we go with the rocks...

And another. :)

Footstep holes in someone's driveway.

Walking towards each other or away?

A little pine sapling under a fence.

Love the snow on the trees.

Snow & evergreens simply go together.

These folks have actually built a little shelf for their cats to hang out on.

Looking from the end of our street to the east. The trailer is where our house is.

More snowy trees.

When I first walked past a little girl and her parents were still out building these. Luckily, when I walked back they were inside and I got a chance to capture their snow people. Love the flower "hats". :)

Another snowy rock. ;)

Some big limbs on our tree.

I don't know what this stuff is, it's an evergreen bush/shrub. But I really like it w/the snow.

This version of it has been nicely sculpted.

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