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February 24th 2011 Snow Pics: 3 of 3

Went out at sunset and practically froze to death to get these pics, but I think it was worth it. It wasn't a spectacular sunset, but I liked the silhouettes of the trees against the changing sky.

Can you tell how cold it was?

Our tree against the cold, cold sun.

I love this shot. That's our tree again in the foreground.

Nice silhouettes.

A little blue sky peaking out.

I really liked to focus on these two trees.

Sky getting a little more dramatic.

Cool little cloud-shadow-whatever going on there to the left.

And again with those two trees.

Getting a little more colorful.

By this time my hands were nearly frozen. It's a wonder I could even hold the camera steady.

Thank goodness for stabilization built into my 70-300mm lens.

Last bit of color before I called it quits and headed into the warm house.

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