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SPN 6x17 & 6x18 Promo Caps

Was that an amazing promo or what? It all went by so fast though! So...there be caps. ;)
Btw, the promo was for episodes 6x17 & 6x18 (which have been swapped from their original order).

There's 39 selected caps posted here at 853x480. I also have a download link to all 43 caps at their original 1920x1080 size.

Beware of spoilers & speculation within. ;)

:: No hotlinking please.
:: If you take/use/repost, please credit me, raloria.
:: Comments are ♥

Download to all 43 Large caps: SPN617-618PromoCapsByRaloria.zip (24mb) via SendSpace

1. A stove is started.

2. Boys (& Cas in background) about to torch something.

3. The next new episode (6x17) airs on April 15th.

4. Interesting mix up of the letters. What does it mean???

5. Cas about to send the boys off to Frontierland. OMG LOVE Dean's western duds. :D

6. And they're gone!

7. Love the crisp, white shirt on Sam, but why the typical jacket?

8. A dude falls off a skateboard.

9. Havin' a hangin' today.

10. Dude about to be hanged.

11. Drops through the doors of the gallows.

12. More cryptic words from the advertising department. :P

13. This dude's in danger...

14. From this bus...ouch!

15. Boys react.

16. Window stunt!

17. Can't tell who it is, but stunts like this are always cool.

18. Boys & Cas reacting to some explosion.

19. A Sheriff with big, nasty, pointy teeth.

20. Someone who's handcuffed just kicked him in the face.

21. Balthazar enjoying a drink.

22. And standing in front of Sam & Dean.

23. OMG Dean with a machete action. *dies*

24. Ooooh... Wonder who he's attacking?

25. Someone's got Castiel.

26. And then there's blood. Uh oh.

27. Boys as cowboys!!!! Yay!!!!!! This is going to be awesome!!!!

28. Cas, why are you soul-checking Bobby??? :(

29. Eve, Mother of All, at a bar in chaos.

30. What is she up to now?

31. More kissing from Eve.

32. Some violent neck-biting. Ow.

33. Gunfight time in Frontierland.

34. Dean with the Colt. Eeee!!!!!

35. The Colt in action.

36. Well that sound ominous.

37. Something very big and heavy is falling...

38. Above the boys!!!! Eeeeek!!!!

39. The boys looking up just before they get squashed?!?!

Is it April 15th yet? :D

Tags: episodes, goodies, picspam, spoilers, supernatural, theories/speculation
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