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I just want to say my heart goes out to the people in Japan effected by the devastating earthquake and to anyone who might be in the path of the tsunami from it.

Our WA coast is currently under a tsunami warning with waves expected to be from 6 inches to a foot tall. That's really nothing compared to what hit Japan and even what might hit Hawaii. It's all been changing hour by hour, so we'll wait and see. Btw, I'm nowhere near the coastline.

What really freaks me out is that this is the 3rd major earthquake in only a few weeks, and all on the eastern side of the Pacific. What does this mean for the west coast? I know they say there's no connection, but they also say we're due for a major quake here, been telling us that for years. I tend to get a little paranoid about quakes. There's NO warning, nothing. Our last big quake was just 10 years ago and that was the strongest I'd ever felt at magnatude 6.8. Like the quake in Japan, ours was very shallow, which caused more damage in the area than a deeper quake would. But we were lucky. The damage was minimal (some walls in Seattle fell down, freeway damage, etc) and the quake lasted only under a minute. I cannot even imagine something stronger happening here...and I don't want to, even though it's pretty inevitable.

I used to worry about a major quake happening here. It was something I thought about just about every day. Finally got myself over that a year or so ago. Now the worry is coming back.

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