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Music Vid: "Burn In Heaven"

I was going to do a Music Monday post, but then the song I chose, "Witness" by Sarah McLachlan, conjured up memories of this music vid I made way back in Season 2. I'm not sure I ever posted it, or if I did, I think youtube got on my case over the song. 'Cause I just tried to upload it there again and...sure enough, got a little email from them. Shoot. So I've uploaded it to Vimeo. We'll see if they keep it up. Goodness knows there's other music vids there.

Sorry about the poor quality. It's the best I could do at the time. I thought this song was a perfect one for IMTOD.

SPN "Burn In Heaven" from Val S. on Vimeo.

Tags: music, music vids, supernatural
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