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SPN Paley Fest 2011 Video Caps: Clipfest & Eppy Preview

This is the first in a series of posts of caps I've made from the SPN Paley videos found on youtube. I've spent the past few days capping like crazy and there's enough for at least 6 posts, so...away we go! :D

Since this first post has some spoilery material, I thought I'd begin here in case some people might want to skip it.

These caps are from the clipfest along with extended scene from "The French Mistake" and the episode preview (6x18).
Thanks to trojanchick99 for the great video. :)

:: Cap size: 600 x 266
:: No hotlinking please.
:: If you take/use/repost, please credit me, raloria.
:: Comments are ♥

Download all 56 Caps:
SPNPaley2011Clipfest-Western_Caps by Raloria.zip (4mb) via SendSpace

33 Sample Caps:

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