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SPN Paley Fest 2011 Video Caps: 3 Jensen Interviews (& a little Misha)

Time to continue with some more Paley Video caps. :)

This post has 3 Jensen interviews (the first has a little of Misha at the beginning). The quality is not very good with any of these, so I shrunk the caps down (although they were all small to begin with). Enjoy!

:: Cap size: 480x360 or 400x225
:: No hotlinking please.
:: If you take/use/repost, please credit me, raloria.
:: Comments are ♥

This first set of caps is from the AOL TV video by lauinla who interviewed Misha, Sera, Jim, Ben, & Jensen (though my caps are only of Misha & Jensen).

Some mild spoilers.

Download all 46 Caps:
SPNPaley2011AOLTV - Caps by Raloria.zip (4mb) via MediaFire

13 Sample Caps:

I don't have the video for these caps, nor do I have a link. Sorry.

Download all 50 Caps:
SPNPaley2011Jensen - Caps by Raloria.zip (4mb) via MediaFire

11 Sample Caps:

This interview was done for Zap2it.com & I know the interviewer asked on Twitter that the video not be put on youtube, but well...someone did. I'm actually grateful because it is a great interview and I LOVE how Jensen is looking right at the camera most of the time (like he's looking into your soul *flails*) and smiling and...*sigh* It's perfect. Sadly, the quality is really sucky. Thank you singleminded84.

Again, some mild spoilers for the end of the season.

Download all 38 Caps:
SPNPaley2011JAZap2it - Caps by Raloria.zip (1mb) via MediaFire

9 Sample Caps:

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