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SPN Paley Fest 2011 Video Caps: Jim, Misha, Jared & Jensen

Sorry I'm a little late with today's (now yesterday's) set of caps.

Three more great interviews with Jim, Misha, and Jared & Jensen. The quality is good, so the caps are bigger this time around. These are the last of the pre-panel interviews by the press that I've capped. Enjoy!

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All videos in this post by Whedonopolis.

We start with Jim Beaver answering 2 questions. Nothing spoilery.

Download all 9 Caps:
SPNPaley2011JimB_byWhedonoplis Caps by Raloria.zip (2mb) via MediaFire

6 Sample Caps:

Next we have Misha, with a little bit of Jensen as he stops by at the very beginning to fix Misha's collar. *g* Again, nothing spoilery here.

Download all 46 Caps:
SPNPaley2011MishaC_byWhedonoplis Caps by Raloria.zip (11mb) via MediaFire

17 Sample Caps:

Finally, we have the boys. :D We start with Jared, then Jensen joins him, and then we have Jensen answering questions until the end. Nothing really majorly spoilery here.

Lots of great stuff here, from the guys talking about how they managed to dress alike to Jensen's directing. Jensen also mentions that he and Misha won awards that night! Yay! And it seems he gets a little choked up about it and talking about the fans. Awww, Jensen. You'll also note that at the end you only hear him and Jared still talking to the press. I saved this nice tweet about that from @LauinLA:

Both Jared and Jensen stayed in the press tent while the preview clip was still rolling to make sure everyone got a soundbite. Gentlemen <3

*sigh* They really are the greatest guys. :)

Download all 166 Caps:
SPNPaley2011J2_byWhedonoplis Caps by Raloria.zip (44mb) via MediaFire

28 Sample Caps:

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