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Fanfic: "A Better Memory"

Um, I literally just wrote this in about 15 min. When My Crazy Muse gets an idea I've gotta go with it. :P

This is purely inspired by today's Just 'Cause cap. It just hit me that the brothers haven't had a "by the Impala" moment like that since that episode. I could see Dean enjoying it so much more now compared to then.

Title: A Better Memory
Word Count: 326
Summary: Dean looks back on the last time he & Sam shared a beer by the Impala and how much better things are now.
Warnings: Spoilers for 6x09. Set anytime after 6x12 when Sam gets his soul back.
Disclaimer: Eric Kripke still owns Sam & Dean. Dammit.

Episode quote is from the last scene of 6x09 "Clap Your Hands If You Believe".

Btw, I don't have a beta and any mistakes are purely my own.

Dean remembered the last time he and Sam had sat like this, on the trunk of the Impala, sharing a beer. Well, not really sharing a beer because back then it had been soulless Sam and he'd refused the offered bottle.

He'd tried to live with that Sam, tried to understand, be tollerant, but he couldn't. Even then, Dean had known that Sam didn't really want his soul back even with all his claims to the contrary.

"Dude, I do still have all my brain cells. If anything my brain works better now."

Yeah, but there's no feeling there. Nothing that really makes you my brother.

That's what Dean had wanted to say. But he didn't. He accepted Sam's reasoning with a glimmer of a smile and another swallow of beer.

And now, here he sits with his real brother at his side and Dean can't quite remember feeling more content. It's not sunny like last time, but overcast and even a little cool, but none of that matters to Dean. He tries not to actually stare at Sam, but keeps his brother more in his line of sight as he gazes out across the farmland they've pulled off in.

"Are you okay?", Sam asks after he's halfway through his bottle.

Dean's a little embarassed he got caught. Tries to hide it by clearing his throat and looking straight ahead.

"Yeah...yeah, I'm fine."

"Is there a reason we're doing this outside when it's so cold out? We could've easily had these beers at the motel room."

Dean can only smile and look admiringly at Sam. Truth is, he doesn't even notice the cold. He's got his brother back at last, all of him. The fact that Sam would even ask if he's okay warms Dean's heart. He'll never take Sam's overly caring nature for granted again.

"Nah. It's better this way, Sammy." He pauses and takes another swig of his beer.
"Just makin' a better memory."

Not used to writing things this short, but inspiration is what it is. Hope you enjoyed it, but if you didn't I'm open to constructive criticism, too.
My Muse is always eager for cookies, of course. ;)

Tags: crazy muse, fanfic, supernatural
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