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SPN Paley Fest 2011 Video Caps: Panel Caps - Post I

Sorry I'm late again, though I'm sure that really doesn't matter to anyone else but me. :P

Time to start in on the panel itself. I'm still hoping at some point we'll get the whole thing (Season 6 DVD powers that be...hmmm?), but until then the bits and pieces we've got have been great!

:: Cap size: 600x339 or 500x281
:: No hotlinking please.
:: If you take/use/repost, please credit me, raloria.
:: Comments are ♥

The first video is a little compilation put together by the PaleyCenter itself and thankfully put on youtube by Nueva74.
Nothing spoilery.

Download all 176 Caps:
SPNPaley2011ScreeningRm Caps by Raloria.zip (22mb) via MediaFire

45 Sample Caps:

LittleRavenHawk was one of the first to post any videos of the panel and this video (which starts w/clips of episode 6x18 - Spoiler Warning!) is still excellent.
Nothing spoilery past the opening sneak peek.

Download all 142 Caps:
SPNPaley2011LittleRavenHawk Caps by Raloria.zip (13mb) via MediaFire

22 Sample Caps:

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