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Plans are changing daily

Don't have much time for a full update, but let's just say life is getting hectic again. *sigh*

Monday was "a full rich day" as they said on the TV show MASH. Pre-registration stuff for my aunt which started in the morning and lasted far longer than we anticipated to get ready for her hysterectomy op next Monday. New tests suddenly came up that we weren't expecting which we now have to deal with. Then there was going to a bank, running some errands, having supper, before finally being able to come home and enjoy 3 hours of TV to relax (and semi-fall asleep to).

Today won't be much better. Gotta get up real early so we can take my aunt in for an EKG. We're still waiting for the scheduling of a CAT scan. After the EKG we're going back up north to do more cleaning/organizing of my grandpa's house. We figure it'll be our last chance to go up there in a while, since we don't know how long it'll take my aunt to recover from her hysterectomy. Oh, and did I mention I'll also be taking my aunt to a wedding nearly 3 weeks after her operation? She'll need to use mom's wheelchair, so I've been invited to attend so I can take care of her and drive her there, of course.

This year...I tell ya. It isn't slowing down, it isn't getting better. We're still dealing with my grandpa's stuff and now my aunt's dealing with all these medical issues. Up goes the stress levels for everyone. Thankfully, my cousin, K, will be coming down to take care of my aunt after the operation (she's taken the whole week off).

It's been one thing after another this year, so far. I'm seriously planning on writing all of 2011 off and blocking it from memory. Nothing good has happened so far and I'm not sure it will.

Gotta make my JC post and get to bed. Gotta be up in another 6 hours for another full day of exhaustion and go, go, go.

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