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Update...RL sucks ATM

So sorry for being late with today's Just 'Cause post (along w/posting a pic over at my comm, spn_ontheset). Got home late last night & was exhausted with a killer headache. You know I feel bad when I won't even bother getting online. Flist, you know what I've been dealing with. This week has been so draining and it's not over yet. Today is actually one of the few quiet days. *sigh*

Anyway, the headache's gone (thankfully), but my back and legs are all achey. Owie. But I'm here online, and it's time to get caught up. I'll get today's regular posts done and I'd like to get the final 2 posts of the Paley video caps up as well. I'm tired of it being dragged out and since I never know when I'm going to be online next, I think this is for the best.

I've also updated SPN Season 6 Titles & Filming Dates with the title change to 6x21 and the title to 6x22. Tried my best to adjust the filming dates for the last few episodes, knowing they said at Paley that they were going to start filming the season finale on March 16th. The dates I've got now seem to work, but of course, they're still my best guess based on what little I learn from Twitter & elsewhere. I do know they're set to finish filming on March 31st, but I'm guessing the last 2 days will be for pickups, etc. ('cause I've got them finishing 6x22 on the 29th).

One more thing, since this post is turning into a mish-mash of things...I've been organizing my SPN official photos and can't figure out where to put these 2 images as far as seasons go. Does anyone know which seasons these are from? Does anyone know which episode the 2nd pic is from? I'm thinking maybe "Dream A Little Dream Of Me", but I'm not sure.

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