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SPN Paley Fest 2011 Video Caps: Panel Caps - Post II

I was going to make 2 more posts out of this, but I'm already behind, so I'll finish off this series of posts by combining things. Thanks to everyone for your comments. They mean a lot after the hard work to cap these videos and extra special thanks again to those who shot these videos for all of us. :D

Some of the best videos here from trojanchick99 & write_light and some great moments. Enjoy the pretty!

:: Cap size: 853x480 or 1024x576
:: No hotlinking please.
:: If you take/use/repost, please credit me, raloria.
:: Comments are ♥

In this first video, Ben Edlund and Jensen talk about directing, with further comments by Misha and Jared. Mild spoilers.

Download all 43 Caps:
SPNPaley2011trojanchick99Vid01 Caps by Raloria.zip (11mb) via MediaFire

15 Sample Caps:

This 2nd video by trojanchick99 is of Misha, Sera, & Eric talking about "The French Mistake".

Download of all 19 Caps:
SPNPaley2011trojanchick99Vid02 Caps by Raloria.zip (5mb) via MediaFire

7 Sample Caps:

Finally we come to what I think is the best set of videos by write_light. He got some great close-ups and the video quality while a little overexposed is very good, which meant I could keep the caps nice and big.

I'll embed the first video here, but you can go watch the other 11 videos HERE.

Download all 328 Caps:
SPNPaley2011Write_LightVideos Caps by Raloria.zip (113mb) via MediaFire

60 Sample Caps:

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