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Seeking Pen Pals

As most of you know, since my grandpa passed away on Jan. 2nd, my mom, my aunt, and I have been going up north to his house just about every week, sorting, organizing, and cleaning the place out. It's a long, difficult process and we're bringing quite a bit of stuff home that belonged to him and my grandma.

One of the things we discovered is that my grandma had quite a surplus of greeting cards. We're talking new, un-used cards....by the box-full. Last week, figuring we'd managed to gather them all together, the three of us sorted through them all and divided them up between myself and my aunt. Neither of us will have to go card shopping for quite a few years! I walked away with nearly 400 cards total. o.O 145 of them are Christmas cards and another 127 are blank cards. Then there's tons of stationary as well. Some of the cards are quite old, from the 1950s & 60s by the look of them. Others are more recent. They range from scenic, flowery, ones w/cats or dogs, holidays like Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, & Christmas, Birthday, & Get Well Soon.

So I'm thinking, I've gotta do something with all these cards! LOL I haven't written regular letters since Email took off years ago, but clearly that'll have to change. There is something very nice about receiving hand-written cards and letters in the mail. I know I enjoy that every Christmas.

Anyway, since I've got all these cards, I thought I'd ask if any of you would like to be my pen pals?

We don't have to write often. Every 2-3 months would be fine IMO. After all, I don't have that interesting a life to write about, but I'll try my best. :) I think it'll be a great way for us to get to know each other better outside of LJ.

Anyone interested?
If you are, leave me your full mailing address in comments (they're screened) and I'll PM you my address. :D

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