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The day is here...

Well my friends, today is the day I've been dreading all last week...my aunt's hysterectomy operation.

I don't know why I'm so apprehensive. Maybe because she's had all these tests in the past week for possible problems. Don't even know what the results are, but I guess if they found something wrong they'd cancel the operation, right? Then there was all the prep she's had to go through tonight. Seems like they're super paranoid about infection at this hospital. When my mom had her breast lump removed last year it was nothing like this. My aunt had to use special pads to wipe down her entire body (once here & again just before the op). There are instructions making sure everyone who enters her room uses the anti-bacterial hand wash, info. about MRSA, etc. With mom's op we had none of that and she was just fine - no infections. Difference of hospitals, I guess.

My cousin, K is coming down in the morning to spend the whole week here w/my aunt. She'll be coming to the hospital with us in the morning, of course. Hopefully, with them using a robot during the surgery, and there being only 3 small incisions made, her recovery won't be too bad. They will keep her overnight at the hospital, however.

Anyway, I'm a little nervous. I guess with so many things going wrong this year I'm a little gun shy. What's next? And let's face it, my aunt is 75. She's no spring chicken. I would think surgery at that age is always a crap shoot. So, yeah, there's that fear that something could go wrong or she won't make it for whatever reason. I just can't bear the thought to lose someone else in our quickly shrinking family of relatives. Just once this year, so far, I'd like something good to happen. So I'm going to wear my Jensen Ackles necklace that I won at VanCon last year, just as I did for my mom's operation...for luck...just in case.

Gonna be a long day for the 4 of us and it all starts at 10:15 this morning when we leave. I gotta make my posts & get to bed.

Any prayers, thoughts, positive vibes you could send out to my aunt would be much appreciated.
Thank you my friends! *hugs*

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