raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

My other, other backup journal

Yesterday I posted about my Insane Journal that I use for emergencies like these recent attacks on LJ. Well tonight I realized that the attacks seemed to effect Insane Journal as well. Peachy! :(

So, thanks to dahliablue, I now have a Dreamwidth account. Thanks again, hun. :D


I'm not sure yet how much I'll use Dreamwidth, but if LJ goes down for any length of time (tonight it was 3-5 hours!), count on me being there. I've got it set up to crosspost to my LJ if I so choose, (and I think I'll link the Insane Journal one in there, too) which should help link them all together. Ooops! Nevermind. Guess you can only choose one other journal to crosspost to from Dreamwidth. That means my LJ one only.

So if you have a Dreamwidth, feel free to friend me over there and please leave me a comment here so I can add you back. ;)

Tags: dreamwidth, insanejournal, livejournal
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