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Overdue Thanks!

To justine_andrews for the virtual gift slug. *g*

To twasadark's beautiful postcard from Greece! *huggles* :D

To naficeh & spnchicago2008 for the great info. on SPN Filming Locations all season long.

To wynefred, trystan830, & maferi_nah for being such great IM Chat buddies! Don't know what I'd do without you gals to talk to. You're the best! *hugs*

To bardicvoice for an awesome day visiting some local museums & sights on March 31st. It was so nice to have a day at last that was just for fun and hanging out with you is always a blast. :D

To everyone who left snuggly warm & loving comments for me on my thread of the Love Meme! Mwah! *hugs & kisses* :D

To my Flist who continue to support me even though I rarely have time to return the love to all of you. I am lucky to have a fine group of people as friends and luckier still to have met some of you in person. I wish we weren't so far apart so I could meet you all someday!

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