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Added new friends

Friended back 12 people so if you're seeing this post (and you couldn't see my flocked posts before)...you're in! :D

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I've gotta say, I'm not doing that again. That being going through the entire list of people who've friended me (and aren't mutual friends yet) to check out their journals to see if I want to add them back. We're talking nearly 500 people! Ugh. Exhausting...and way too time consuming for me to do anymore. From now on when someone friends me I'll make the decision right then! No more waiting and doing it later. Waaaaaayyyyy too hard anymore.

And I must say it's a little freaky in light of the current Russian attacks on LJ how many Russian journals have friended me over the years. I'd say nearly half of those 500 journals are Russian (Oh, and one had porn on it. Nice...not!). There's another good quarter that are blank or abandoned journals. *sigh* Sorry! I don't friend back if there's nothing there.

Anyhoo...welcome new friends! Hope you're patient with me. Unbeknownst to you new folk, I've had a lousy year so far and I'm currently trying to get my life back in order. I comment when I can, but I fall behind easily. Doesn't mean I'm not reading your stuff or ignoring you. I'm just busy with my own stuff that I post. Thought I'd warn you...

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