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Magazine & Calendar Goodies!

Many of you will recall this post back in December where I was offering up a couple of extra Xena 2011 calendars. Well due to RL issues, I never got back to those of you who wanted them. Sorry!

In the meantime, I've also been going through my stacks & stacks (and stacks) of magazines and came across some I thought I'd also give away to whoever wants them. Yep, I'm giving the calendars & the magazines free of charge. I'll just be happy if they go to people who will enjoy them rather than sending them off to the recycling center.

Everything here is in excellent condition, right down to the magazines which were all store brought so there's no mailing labels.

Here's how this works:
* Leave a comment to this post saying which items you're interested in. It can be all of them or just one or two.
* I'll take comments from now until the end of Wednesday, April 13th. If LJ goes down for a while, I might extend it. I'll let you know.
* Next Sunday, April 17th I'll put the names on slips of paper, stick them in a bowl, and draw the winners for each item. I'll video the drawing so you know it's all fair & square. ;)

The Goodies:

Item # 1: Xena 2011 Calendar :: Click images to see larger.

Item # 2: Xena - The Journey Continues 3 2011 Calendar :: Click images to see larger.

Items # 3 & 4: Lost Magazines (The Premiere Collector's Issue #1 & Issue #2)
Note: Issue 2 has the poster taken out, but it is with the magazine, it's just loose.

Items # 5 & 6: Lost Magazines (Issue #s 3 & 8)

Items # 7, 8, 9: (Starlog Magazines from 2007)

If you have any questions or would like more details about the items just let me know. :)

People. You have to tell me if you want to be put in the drawings for any of the items and which ones!
Flailing over Sawyer doesn't tell me anything.

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