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Videos from JIB Con!!!!

I love Tumblr. Just sayin'. *g* I find the coolest things there. *glees*

I've avoided posting things from JIB Con 'cause well, everyone's posting them and Super Wiki is a great place to go, so there's no point in me posting stuff. But these two...I just gotta. :D

Great video of Jensen by janiedean. Info: Someone asked Jensen to say "Son of a bitch." "Someone shouted a translation at Jen but it probably didn't get recorded. The guy said something like 'someone steals the Impala from Dean' ;)" OMG the smiles & the wink! *dies*

This is a longer version of that now infamous "When Harry Met Sally" bit with Misha & Jensen. Again by janiedean. :D

Tags: actors: jensen ackles, actors: misha collins, conventions, fangirling, video, youtube
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