raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
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It's way late, I should be in bed, and andreas_ri posts this!

See that gal that Jensen is looking at with the killer smile while wearing the sexy black t-shirt? That's the Script Supervisor. THE SCRIPT SUPERVISOR!!!!! People, that's my job. That's the job I've done on independent films. That could be me!!!! Okay, kinda outside the realm of possibility, but still... My jaw dropped when I saw this. OMG!!! Yeah, this is one of the perks of the job. You get to work closely with the director. ;) A definite plus when that director just happens to be the stunning Jensen Ackles. Good golly! What a lucky gal!

I think I'll go to bed now...and whimper a little...and wish my life was different...and that I lived in Vancouver.

Tags: actors: jensen ackles, filmmaking, supernatural
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