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First Impressions: 6x15 The French Mistake

Wow! Talk about late, but I still feel the need to post my notes, so that's what I'll do - no caps in this post. In fact, from now on I'll simply post my notes right after the episode. There won't be any pretty to look at (outside of the pic above the cut) but at least I'll get my reviews done in a more timely manner. I'll put something together for 6x16 right after this (since I never did take notes on that one...oops).

(===============) Signify commercial breaks.

Recap: The angel war, Balthazar stole weapons, killing Raphael, Meg, Ruby.

It was a dark and stormy night....heh
And the boys are at Bobby's....alone.
Balthazar....what the???
Dean: I said hey.
Balthazar: You did, twice. Good for you.

They're in the Godfather....heh
Ooooh Raphael is back and on the hunt.
The boys & B are on his hit list. Uh oh...
It's Lou Bollo! Hee! :D
Tail slate!!!!!

Sam: Should we be killing anybody?
Dean: I don't think so.
Sam: Running?
Dean: Where?

The boys trying to figure it all out.
And so is the crew...
Kevin: Well, we can clean up, reset the window; takes about 95 minutes, basically. So we'd have to blow off the scene where they sit on the Impala and talk about their feelings.
Bob: Ha! Right! You answer the hate mail.

Hee! Show knows us so well.
Script Supervisor in the house! *glees*
Dean: Oh, crap. I'm a painted whore. OMG

And Jared's being interviewed....hee!
Candy basket!
Dean: Why would anybody want to watch our lives?
Sam: Well, according to the interviewer, not very many people do.
Sam: I'm just saying we landed in some dimension where you're Jensen Ackles, and I'm something called a Jared Padalecki.
Dean: What? Now you're Polish? Is any of this making any sense to you?

KM on the stage door...heh
LOL All the Impalas
Dean: I feel sick. I'm gonna be sick.
I want to go home. I feel like this whole place is bad-touching me.

Dean tries asking for Castiel
That's not Cas....hee!
OMG his voice....even deeper!
Hee! He's got sides.
Misha's gonna tweet it.
OMG he said J squared!
Dean: Misha? Jensen? What's up with the names around here?
The boys come across their trailers.
Dean: That's fake me!
Sam: Yeah.
Dean: This must be fake mine.
LOve Sam doing an internet search on Jensen. :D
DOOL clip!!!!!
Ooooh....Dean watched B's spell carefully.....they can get back....they think.

All the weapons are fake. Hehee
They take off in the Impala....but don't get far. Heh.

Clif taking them home....LOL
Dean: "Dude, we're not even in America" LOL

Wow, Jared's house is HUGE.
Tanning bed.....
The artwork on the walls....omg
Gen: "It's an Alpaca, dumbass."
Ruby...err Gen!
Jensen & Jared's reactions to her, OMG!
Awkward, much. Poor Dean. :P


Dean: "You married fake Ruby???"
The what dinner??? LOL
Them both watching her walk away.

Cowboy Jared on the wall! Yeehaw! :D
Heh. They love having loads of money.
TV star beauty rest for Dean...hee!

Sam stumbling over Gen's name.....
Oh....up to the bedroom....hee!

Back on the set and they can't do the ritual because they're getting ready to shoot.
He tries to get them to clear the set for...."Actor stuff" LOL

Misha! Hee! "Oh, cool" LOL
This is so surreal....OMG
Dean finding his mark...or trying to. :P
What the....laughing so much XD
Dean: "Don't look at the camera." LOL
Sam: If there's a key, then there has to be a lock. And when we find the lock we can get the weapons. And then we can have the weapons. And the lock, we'll also have the lock, I imagine, because we opened it and of course the initial key that opened-
Dean: (in a very deep voice) We need to get all three of that crap.
Sam: What?
Dean: That's how he does it.
Sam: Oh.

Jensen with the super deep voice...*dies*
Misha's tweeting again...hee!

Hee! Sera on the phone!
They jump through the window...painfully. Ow.
Well that didn't work.

Back in Jensen's trailer...
What do they do now?
In reality there's no supernatural....
No angels....

Motel room set!
Whoah....Virgil the angel has arrived. Uh oh.


Katherine's Virgin Mobile commercial! Awesome!

Green screen stunts!!!
Virgil! Heh. He doesn't have his powers.
Lou's got lines! Awesome!
They come to help the boys.
No!!!! Virgil swipes the key!

Hey! It's Folsom Prison Blues guy! :D
Octocobra!???? o_O

Misha leaving the makeup trailer....
Tweeting again....heh
Uh oh....eeep!

Bob tries to negotiate with them....
It's not working. :P
Love Dean's monologue about them always being Winchesters....

Whimpy Misha....hee!
He's so whiney....OMG
What the???? He sliced Misha's neck???? Misha!!!!!!!! :(


Back at Jared's house....still trying to figure out a plan.
Gen's in tears over Misha's death. o_O

OMG They killed Misha!!!!
The homeless dude saw it all, of course....
Virgil has to go back to where he came in and Raphael will pluck him back.
"How bad can an angel be with no wings?"

Bad...if he has weapons.
Oh,...he's the weapon's keeper of heaven. Oh boy.

Dean thinks Sam would want to stay here if given the choice....
Sam says all their friends are there....it's not the same.
Sam: Dean, our friends are back there.
Dean: Yeah, but here you got a pretty good life. I mean, back home, the hits been coming since you were 6 months old. You gotta admit, being a bazillionaire married to Ruby? The whole package? There's no contest.
Sam: No, you know, you were right. We just don't mean the same thing here. I mean, we're not even brothers here, man.

Awwwww...It's SO good to have soulful Sam back again! :)

Kripke!!!! :D
Aw, c'mon....they'd be really broken up if Misha died.
Ok, I know....humor, humor, humor. This is not reality. :P
Oh, dear...Virgil.
Damn....there goes Kripke. :(
LOL The spaghetti western music.
Bye bye Bob. :(
Awesome...even Lou got killed. Ok, that sounded wrong. :P
Fight!!!! Go boys! Get him!!!!
Sam got the key!!!!!
The freeze frame....heh.


The boys are back!!! Who's this?
Raphael.....oh, damn.
Bastard...he used the boys like pawns.
He has the weapons....ooooh Wings!!!!
Angel showdown.
Raphael runs off...or is that flies?
Cas takes them back to Bobby's.
Cas was in on the plan with B. Not cool Cas....
The boys want to know what's going on.
But Cas takes off..."I'll explain when I can." You'd better, dude.
Sam checking the wall to see if it's real.
Back to the same old life....be it ever so rotten. :P

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