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First Impressions: 6x16 ...And Then There Were None

If you read the previous review, you know I'm doing things differently from now on. Well, this one is going to be REALLY different because due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to take notes during my initial viewing of this episode. So I've got nothing to work with here. I do, however, have some quotes & a transcript and I'll see what I can put together between those 2 and my memory of the eppy.

Ok, very cool to see the Mother Of All back on the show. I'm curious as to where the show is going to take this character and what she'll produce as far as problems for the boys. Death's hint that "It's all about the souls." keeps running over and over in my head. What does it all mean??? I hope we find out by the end of the season.

EVE God doesn't care about you.
RICK Sure he does.
EVE Your father made you and then abandoned you, so you pray. You see signs where there's nothing. But truth is, your apocalypse came and went, and you didn't even notice. A mother would never abandon her children like he did. You'll see.

Bobby points out various monster breakouts along one stretch of highway.
The 3 then go and interview Rick in jail, who doesn't have any memory of bashing his family's heads in.
Then they check out the gas station video footage and see Eve.
Bobby finds Rufus at the Cannery crime scene. They also find something in the ear of the latest corpse...black goo.

RUFUS What have you got? That ecto? (Rufus takes the swab) That's not ecto. (Rufus sniffs the swab) What the hell is that?
BOBBY It's something new.
RUFUS New? No such thing as new, Bobby.
BOBBY Well, it's something. Those guys who snapped, one thing they had in common -- they both worked at that Cannery joint.

Great to see the boys reunite with Rufus and very cool to have 4 of our favorite hunters all working together.
Then there's a new wrinkle...Gwen and Samuel are there at the Cannery, too.
You gotta love Dean's commitment to his promise to kill Samuel the next time he saw him...Sam steps in to stop him though.

RUFUS I take it you know each other.
DEAN He's our grandfather.
RUFUS Oh. Somebody needs a hug.

Problem is...Bobby sends Dean outside and Sam lets him go cool off unguarded. Bad idea, as they'll soon see.

BOBBY So...you're Samuel.
SAMUEL You must be the guy pretending to be their father.
BOBBY Well, somebody ought to.

Hee! Go Bobby! You're a better family member than Samuel could ever be, IMO.

Samuel clues them in on a little more info about Eve and Gwen finds out that Samuel sold them out to Crowley's ghouls. She goes to talk to Dean...which turns into a fatal mistake because he's not himself anymore. Eeek!

Kinda sad to see Gwen killed off. She was the one Campbell that was half-way normal...eventually.

The hunters look for Dean and Rufus finds him first. Pretty soon we've got a full-on stand-off going on.

DEAN I'm not in the mood. I just had a 12-inch...Herpe crawl out of my ear.
SAM What?
DEAN You heard me. I just woke up on the ground, just in time to see this -- this...worm thing sliding out of my freaking ear and into that vent. So you tell me what the hell's going on!
SAMUEL You killed Gwen. That's what's going on.
DEAN We were just talking out in the hallway. That's the last thing I remember. That thing must have jumped me.
BOBBY So, we're talking about, like, a monster that gets in you?
DEAN It's like a Khan worm on steroids.
SAM You mean like a parasite, something that took over your body.
DEAN Worm crawls in you, worm crawls out.

Love the bit with Rufus checking Dean's ear for goo and then the return of the line "It's not in me!" that they used in "Croatoan". :D

Bobby has everyone give up their guns then he and Rufus start calling other hunters to see if they can find if anyone's ever encountered this worm before. Meanwhile, Sam & Dean go confront Samuel.

DEAN Nothing. I'm just wondering how you sleep at night.
SAMUEL Like a baby. Thanks for asking.
DEAN You fed us to Crowley.
SAMUEL True, but what am I gonna do about it now? Do I blame you for wanting to kill me? Of course not, Dean. What I did was...but I'm not apologizing. I did what I did. I don't cry over spilled blood.
SAM So you really can just go on, like...
SAMUEL Just because you're Dr. Jekyll at the moment doesn't mean you can get all high and mighty. Don't forget, we spent a year together.
SAM Yeah, we did. We're blood. And you still sold me out.
SAMUEL Trust me, what I did pales in comparison to what you did, and on more than one occasion.
SAM All right, tell me what I did.
DEAN No. Sam, come on. (Dean goes to stand between Sam and Samuel)
DEAN The only reason you're alive right now is because we're working a job. The minute we kill this thing...you're next.

Dean happens to see goo coming out of Samuel's ear just in time! He gets away, but Rufus & Bobby come running and soon the guns are back out as the hunt turns to tracking down Samuel.

Nice bit where Sam gets separated from Dean, Rufus, & Bobby. Brotherly angst! *loves*
Sam finds Samuel first. Samuel offers again to tell Sam what he did during their time together, but he keeps coming forward and Sam is forced to shoot him in the head.

The others find Sam and just to be safe, make him drop his gun and then cuff him. Since Sam didn't see anything crawls out of Samuel, Rufus & Bobby go off to get Bobby's cranial saw & the boys keep an eye on grandpa's corpse.

Sam's wondering if Samuel was really possessed by the worm and if he's really himself.

SAM I don't know. I mean, I barely remember him, and what I do remember -- it's not good. And what he did to us...But...
DEAN There's a "but"?
SAM I mean, I just can't help but think...What would mom say?
DEAN You know what I think mom would say? She'd say just 'cause you're blood doesn't make you family. You got to earn that.

Bobby sends the boys out of the room so they don't have to watch them crack their grandpa's melon.

RUFUS (looking at the frayed cable of the cranial saw) What is this? Have you been dumpster-diving again?
BOBBY What? It still works.

Love the banter between these two old hunters. Bobby tries to apologize for making a mistake years ago that cost Rufus someone he loved, but Rufus doesn't care. He can't forgive Bobby, so there's no point in going on about it. Just as they're cutting into Samuel's skull he wakes up! There's a fight, Sam & Dean come running (and kicking in the door *guh*), but in the end Samuel is finally dead from electrocution and everyone's wondering where the worm is.

RUFUS So how did he get double dead?
DEAN Bobby threw him against that. I guess it was a live wire. It shorted, and he went ape. Then that thing crawled out of his ear.
BOBBY At least we know what tickles it. Electricity.

One of the best parts of the episode is where the 4 of them stick their fingers in their ears to check for goo. LOL!
But just to be sure, Sam gets the idea that they should do the electricity test. Dean passes, so does Sam, Rufus protests due to his pacemaker, but gets shocked with the live wire also. Then it's Bobby's turn and he's not as eager, driving a knife into Rufus's chest!

The boys wrestle with possessed Bobby & tie him to a chair. I just have to say the effect they used on Bobby's voice is the creepiest thing ever! Really weirded me out!

DEAN Well, hey, there, you little herpe. (Dean holds the cable against Bobby's neck)
SAM Why do you keep talking about herpes?
DEAN What? I don't. Shut up. Shut up. (to Bobby) Now, don't you even think about shagging ass out of here, 'cause we got every crack in this room sealed. So get comfy.
BOBBY I am comfy. It's nice in here. And you love this guy, don'tcha? You really want to kill me and take him with me? Haven't you lost enough pals today?
DEAN We'll do what we have to do. And we got some questions for you, so you can either play ball, or we could fry up a little shrimp on the barbie.

They torture wormy Bobby, but they don't get much, all the while mindful that Bobby's still in there somewhere.

DEAN Who is she, this Eve bitch?
BOBBY The mother of all of us, and the end of all of you. By the time she's done, there'll be more creatures than humans. You'll live in pens. We'll serve up your young and call it veal.
SAM And what's your deal in all of this? I mean, how's jumping a few truckers gonna help?
BOBBY You think I'm here to mess with a couple of Cannery workers? We led you here.
SAM Why?
BOBBY She has a message for you.
DEAN Oh, yeah? What's that?
BOBBY You're all gonna die. She's pissed. She's here. And it's gonna be nothing but pain for you from here on in.

Dean's finally had enough and gets a mutual signal from Sam that Bobby would want them to do everything they could. So he presses the live wire to Bobby's neck until the worm finally gives up and falls out. Problem is...Bobby's not breathing!!!

Gotta love show for showing us the boys standing over a grave and making us think it was Bobby. Evil, evil show! Heh. :P

But in reality, it's Rufus's grave. *sigh* Another friend and ally lost. :(
Bobby tells about how Rufus was the one to get him into the hunting life by helping him with his possessed wife. He also talks about his mistake in Omaha that Rufus wouldn't forgive (yet worked with him anyway).

DEAN I mean at the end of the day, you two are family. Life's short, and ours are shorter than most. We're gonna spend it wringing our hands? Something's gonna get us eventually, and when my guts get ripped out, just so you two know, we're good. Blanket apology for all the crap that anybody's done all the way around.
SAM Some of us pulled a lot of crap, Dean.
DEAN Well, clean slate.

The boys leave Bobby who pours some Johnny Walker Blue on the grave.

A very tense-filled episode, but I really enjoyed it. What a ride! Quite the bloodbath though, as we lose 3 characters, but sometimes it's necessary. Not sure what Rufus's death accomplished and I'll miss the grizzled hunter, but the boys will continue to lose friends...seems to be their lot in life.

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