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First Impressions: 6x17 My Heart Will Go On

If you read the previous 2 reviews, you know I'm doing things differently from now on.

Caps are out, in place of my notes taken during the airing of the episode. This way I can get the review done & posted within a few hours instead of a few days or weeks. Hope you don't mind the lack of pretty pics.

Recap: Ellen & Jo, their deaths, Castiel, heaven's Civil War, the value of souls, Balthazar, Rufus!, the monster worm & talk of Eve.

Chester, PA
And because this is SPN we know this dude working in his garage is already toast.
And his beer moved...WTH?
He slips on the skateboard and oooh....close one!
So then he falls on the rolling balls and gets his head chopped off by the falling door. Nice!

Bobby's looking frustrated....the boys look nervous.
Love the little silent back & forth between them....OMG Dean won the Rock, Paper, Scissors! How did that happen???
The boys are worried about Bobby grieving over Rufus....seems warranted by his short temper & the drinking, even though he denies it.
Sam shows Dean a lead on some supernatural deaths that are all blood relatives and Bobby orders them out of the house. Okay...
They get in the car to leave, except it's not the Impala, it's a Mustang...WTH???

Ellen!!!! And she's been hunting with Jo. :)
Awww....they're married. "Don't tell me what to do, Ellen."

The boys check out the garage where the dude got killed. Nothing on the EMF.
They find...a gold strand.
Dean: "I mean accidents just don't happen...accidentally. You know what I mean." Hee!

Dean + suit = *guh*
Dean's there for genealogy...heh. This guy was cousins with the victims. Dean tries to find out info about the Russos....if there was any violent death that would effect other generations.
"Did grandma ever piss off a gypsy?" Subtle, Dean....as always....LOL
What he's really there for is to warn the guy that he might be next....doesn't go so well.
Sam's found more info, but still no real lead.
At least the Mustang's black. ;)

Travel Agency gal...the scene freezes and oh.,..I believe this blonde is Fate.
Okay, why put the keys under the copier......uh oh.....this doesn't look good.
OMG strangulation by copier. o.O
Fate marks the gall off the list.


The boys checking E.J. Smith's office, where copy chick died. I believe E.J. Smith was the captain of the Titanic. ;)
Anne Witting...that name sounds familiar too for some reason....
She also wasn't related to the Russos.
Dean finds another strand of gold....weird.

Dean calls Ellen....and Jo's working on the same thing in CA.
Awww....he's worried about her & Bobby and she's worried about the boys. :D
Love the motel room, btw!
Ellen's got some kind of a lead....the ancestors all came over on the same boat....the Titanic.

And Sam finds out this Titanic avoided the iceberg.....hmmmmm.
First Mate, I.P. Freely spotted the iceberg and averted disaster....guess who! Balthazar!!!!
Time for some summoning....Hello Balty!!!!
He tells them the ship was meant to sink but he stepped in and stopped it because he hated the movie. LOL!
Sam: "You totally Butterfly-Effected history!"
Awww...the boys find out Ellen and Jo aren't supposed to be alive. :(
So now there's 50,000 people alive who never should've been born.
Great Son-of-a-bitch! there from Dean. :)

Bobby figures out they're dealing with Fate who's trying to clean up Balty's mess, taking out the 50,000.
The strands of gold also fit her MO.
Bobby suggests sinking the boat, but Dean's no-go on that.
Oh no....Dean tells Bobby about Ellen & Jo dying.
Picture of Bobby & Ellen "B&E Scrapyard" on the sign behind them....*wibbles* :(
And Bobby orders them to make sure the angels don't sink the boat.

The boys stalk Mr. Russo....uh oh.....car headed his way!
The boys save him just in time. He's not very grateful.
OMG He gets hit by a bus! Whoah.


That's a lot of blood....
The dude's ad on the bus....he was an injury/wrongful death lawyer....lol
Dean: "Too soon?"
Sam: "Yeah, Dean I'm pretty sure six seconds is too soon."

Sam spots the blond chick...Fate. Sam says she kind of looks like a librarian.
Dean: "Your kind of librarian or my kind of librarian?"
Dean wants to go "talk" to her....*insert gun here* Heh.

They check out the empty soon-be-opened restaurant....clock is ticking and then it isn't.
Fate stops time again....and turns on the gas stoves. Oh, no.
Dean's flashlight goes out...OMG No!!!! Dean not the lighter!!!!!
Whoah....Cas saved them! Woot!
They're in White Russia. o.O
Dean wants to know why they're on Fate's hit list.
Cas says they averted the Apocalypse & rendered her obsolete and have personally pissed her off. Cute.
They have to kill her. Balty has a weapon that will kill her.
All they have to do is tempt Fate. Heh.

Bobby's staring at Ellen....knowing she's not fated to be with him....
Love how Bobby keeps calling them "the boys". :D
She says the easiest fix would be to sink the ship, but he disagrees....and she knows something's up with him.

He tells her...."The boat stays, you don't have to worry."
She figures it was meant to be, whatever happens, happens.
Bobby: "We need you...especially me."
Ellen: "I know."

The boys are now trying to avoid getting killed...not so easy where everything seems out to get them. Heh.
Guy running, Skateboarder, dude on bicycle, dogs...
Great song choice! And how fitting that Dean's wearing the "Mystery Spot" jacket? *g*
LOL Jugglers with knives and hatchets!
So they go right through....quickly.
Nail gun...so far, so good.
Whoah....time freezes just as a huge...thing is set to land on them!


Cas is there....naturally, but so is Fate aka Atropos....and she's not happy.
"You ruined my life!"
She doesn't know what happens next...it's sort of bugging her.
Cas says she's not needed anymore.
Saving Titanic was the last straw.....she blames Cas, not Balty 'cause he takes his orders from him.
50,000 new souls were created for Cas's war??? o.O Cas, what are you doing?
Oh, yikes...ultimatum time....Cas sets things right or she kills Dean & Sam.
She mentions her sisters....bigger in every sense of the word.
"Kill me? Sam & Dean are target one, for simple vengeance."
Balthazar was about to kill her, ("Oh, awkward." LOL) but a nod from Cas and the deal is made. He'll set things right again.
"Let's sink the Titanic."


The Celine Dion song! LOL!
The boys wake up in the Impala. The world's right again. :D
The boys think it was all a dream....heh.
Turns out they remember the same thing...."Why are you having my dreams, dude?"
Cas shows up and tells them it was all real. He sent Balty back in time to sink the ship and set things right.
"It was the only way to be sure you were safe." Awwww.
Ellen & Jo are still dead....It still hits Dean hard.
Cas wanted them to remember....to recall who Fate really is.
"You're the ones who taught me that you can make your own destiny. You don't have to be ruled by Fate. You can choose freedom. I still believe that's something worth fighting for. I just wanted you to understand that."
Aw, Cas....you're hiding stuff from the boys....what are you really up to?
Nice little knock & tap on the Impala's hood from Dean. :)

Bobby's sleeping...."Normal...awesome."
Sam asks if they should wake him, but Dean thinks it's the best Bobby's felt all week.
Awww...Dean covers him with the blanket. We see the matching picture but with only Bobby, no Ellen.

End Notes:
* I was expecting the episode to be more lighter fare, which it was, but with a secondary thread of seriousness and foreboding. I can't help wondering what Castiel is really up to with the Civil War up in heaven. Why did he need 50,000 new souls? What purpose do human souls really serve to the angels?
* So much sadness every time Ellen & Jo's deaths were brought up/revisited. Yeah, it still stings and it's good to know the boys still miss them, too.
* I could totally see Ellen & Bobby being married for real. What a great couple they made! He really does need a woman in his life.
* Loved all the little things sprinkled throughout the episode: the Mustang (Kripke's first choice for the show's car) instead of the Impala, E.J. Smith's travel agency, the boys literally tempting Fate, AU Dean winning at Rock-Paper-Scissors, the boys waking up in the Impala to Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" (kudos to show for getting the rights to that one!), and don't forget that Jensen himself has ties to the "Titanic" movie (which got even funnier when Dean was defending the film at the end). *g*
* Excited about next week? OH YEAH! :D

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