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Random Randomness (With Pics!)

Well this post is about as random as you can get. LOL

The other day I bought 2 more bracelets. I used to wear lots of earrings. It was my "thing" all through junior high & high school and a little beyond. Then my ears started to react to the metal (these were clip-on earrings, mind you) and I couldn't stand to wear them beyond an hour at a time or they'd start to itch. Then I simply got out of the habit of wearing them.

A couple of years ago, I got into wearing bracelets. I don't wear them every day or just around the house, but often when I go out I'll put one or two on. Plus, my loving "big sister" lovetheguys made me a pretty bead bracelet which I now call my "lucky bracelet" because I wear it most often when I or a family member needs some good luck (like these recent operations). It hasn't failed me yet & has brought me a great deal of comfort! Thanks so much sis! :D

Anyway, I bought 2 new ones the other night and thought I'd snap some pics of my collection.

My newest purchases. I wore the pink one on Saturday to a wedding my aunt & I attended (more on that at the bottom of the post). The woven one reminded me a lot of Dean's S1 bracelets. *g*

The rest of the collection: Top 2 have magnets in the black beads, 2 silver ones, the beaded one made by lovetheguys, and the bottom 2 are ones from Avon that we found at my grandparent's house while going through the stuff up there. My grandma sold Avon products for many years, so the whole family has lots of the stuff.

The collection with the 2 news ones in place. That woven one has 2 powerful magnets to help close/open it.

The two silver ones up close so you can see the designs. My mom recently polished these up for me.

So, back to the wedding bit. My aunt was invited to the wedding of her next-door neighbor's son. They've been neighbors for over 40 years and I myself played with their kids when I was young. However, the boy, who was getting married was much older than me, so I never saw a lot of him while I was growing up. He was closer to my older cousin's age. Anyway, he invited my aunt, and since she's still recovering from her hysterectomy operation only a couple of weeks ago, she needed to use my mom's wheelchair, so naturally, I needed to take her and was thus invited too.

It was a very nice spring wedding with lots of pink and green for colors. The bride's dress was very pretty and the ceremony was lovely and full of international flair. One of the best parts? They walked out as man & wife to the Throne Room Procession March & End Credits from "Star Wars". Excellent! I guess they're both huge Japanese Anime fans and actually met at a convention. Anyway, we were treated to a nice lunch and afterwards there was a candy dispensing bar where you could fill up little containers with all kinds of candy! Well, I just couldn't pass that up (even though I'm not really a big candy-eater, but I will when the mood strikes me and it's nearly Easter *g*). So here's a pic of my little bucket of sugary goodies:

From the bottom: Hershey's kisses, chocolate balls (green), Dove Dark Chocolates, Apple Jolly Ranchers (Mmmmm), Starburst Jelly Beans, a Ghirardelli chocolate square (w/caramel), and a tiny box of Mike & Ikes (yay!). :D

It'll be fun to slowly nibble on all the goodies. Everyone said it was a great idea for the wedding and it sure was a big hit! I'd say the adults went for it more than the kids who attended did. :P There was also 6 different cupcakes instead of a huge wedding cake (though they did cut a small & beautiful cake). We had a great time and after taking her home I crashed and took a nap for about a half hour. :P

Let's see...since Monday I've been out taking my aunt to appointments or shopping or running errands every day. Sunday is supposed to be...hopefully...be a day for me to stay at home and truly rest! 'Cause it all starts up again Monday w/another doctor appnt. for my aunt. *in a quavering voice* I'm sooooo tired! Ugh. Now my legs are starting to ache. Too many hours sitting in a small little chair in cramped quarters at the wedding reception. Body is protesting.

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