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Just 'Cause - Your Requests Week 1

This cap is from 6x15 "The French Mistake".
Click to see the full-sized version.

Today's cap comes from shattershockred who asked for "from 6.15...when the boys are walking away from Misha...and it's a shot of them walking from behind...there's just something about how huge Jared looks and height difference between him and Jensen that makes me smile!" Well, here ya go. Honestly, I don't see the big deal about Jared's height. Truth is, they're both tall guys, even taller than me and I used to think I was tall for a gal.
Ugh. Long day, Saturday, but at least it was enjoyable. But at the moment my body is telling me it's tired. Sore & tired to be precise. I'm old! LOL Used to be I could go to an event all day long, come home and I was fine. Now I come home, take a nap, and my body's sore. *sigh* It's hell getting old. Have a nice Sunday folks. *hugs*

Tags: just cause, random cap, supernatural
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