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Poll: What Should I Do For Your Birthdays?

Ok, so I suck at keeping up with all of your birthdays. *sigh*
Yep, I'm behind....again. Seems like it's the norm around here.

So I'm trying to figure out what to do about it. I tried making simple Happy Birthday posts with Glitter Graphics or whatever. Then I tried making people their own SPN-related piece of fanart. Then I made a general piece of fanart for everyone's birthday per month. Now I'm back to the first way again. None of these have really worked. I really want to do something, too. You're my friends and you deserve something for your special days.

Some of you did get icons late last year. My plan was to make one icon for each of you, not for the holidays or your birthdays but simply because I wanted to do something awesome for my flist. Well, as you can imagine, I've fallen behind in that too. I still have some finished icons all ready to send out to people. I'm open to continuing to make the icons for all of you, if that's what you want.

And so....a Poll!!!!

What should I do for your birthdays?

Continue with the simple Glitter Graphics type of posts.
Make an icon for the person that's SPN-related or whatever they want.
I don't care - whatever.
I don't need anything.
I'll tell you in comments. :)

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