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First Impressions: 6x18 Frontierland

Welcome to my new way of doing SPN reviews...

Caps are out, in place of my notes taken during the airing of the episode. This way I can get the review done & posted within a few hours instead of a few days or weeks. Hope you don't mind the lack of pretty pics.

Recap: Samuel Colt's Devil's Trap in Wyoming, time travel ala angels, Pergetory, The Mother Of All

Sunrise, Wyoming....March 5, 1861
I do believe there's gonna be a shootin' match. ;)
Oh yeah....Dean as the Sheriff...*guh*
Ha! Love the Bonanza-type credits!

The boys & Bobby are at the Campbell compound, searching...
Wow....that's some library.
They're looking for a way to stop Eve.
"Anything that'll put a run in the Octomom's stockings." Heh.
The ashes of a Phoenix can kill her....interesting.
But where to find one.....hmmmm.
Wow....Samuel Colt's journal...Dean's found that Colt killed one back in 1861.
Sam: "Dude, no."
Dean: "Dude, yes."
Sam: "Well, lemme see it."
Dean: "Get your own."

Oh, geeky boys. I love you!
LOL Dean and his movie references....that Sam and Bobby don't get. *giggles*
He wants to go back in time and get the ashes.
Dean calls for Cas.....and gets his assistant....hmmm.
Wow....she's got an attitude.
But Cas shows up and sends her away. She's his lieutenant.

Dean's on a supply run and Cas tells Sam and Bobby that they can only go back in time for 24 hours or he won't be able to bring them back.
Hee! Dean and his movie obsessions. :P
He's brought clothes for him and Sam to wear.
Sam: "This is stupid. I look stupid."
Meanwhile Dean's loving his outfit with Sarape'. Hee!
Bobby's eye roll. LOL
Hello western frontier.
They're on the clock.
Sam: "Sure. Whatever, Sundance."
Naturally Sam finds the horse manure...
Dean: Know what that is?
Sam: Yeah, it's horse -
Dean: Authenticity!

That still cracks me up! :P

There be a hangin' goin' on.
Finch promises to make them all burn.
"Nice blanket." LOL
Off it comes...hee!

The boys go to see the Sheriff...
Dean: "Marshall Eastwood....Clint Eastwood." LOL
And Sam's Walker...a Texas Ranger. Heehee!
The boys are a little too clean. "It's dirtier than it looks."

Dean looks a little disappointed in the Saloon. "This is not awesome."
Dean ordering a a whiskey for himself, Sasperilla for Sam.
Elkins talks about the Devil's Trap....
The saloon gal is a little....less than pretty or hygenic...and has eyes for Dean....
"So much more germier than I pictured." LOL
Until the judge shows up....they go upstairs, much to Dean's relief.
Scream upstairs....boys go runnin'
What the hell??? Isn't that the guy who was hanged?


It was no ghost...left footprints.
Sheriff's gonna form a posse to hunt Finch down, invites the boys along....and advises them to get some gear. Heh.
Part of a posse.....whoo-hoo!

The boys check out Finch's gravesite....he def rose from the ground.
Dean wants Sam to go after the Colt...find Samuel.
Dean and his posse bit....
Dean: "You know me. I'm a posse magnet. I mean I love posse. Make that into a t-shirt."
Sam: "Are you done?"heehee!
"Ride'm cowboy."

Sam getting on the horse....hee....."I'm okay."
"That poor horse."

Uh oh....it's Finch. He killed the Sheriff.

Cas has been summoned by Rachel.
She wants answers....Cas has a dirty little secret.
"We put our faith in you and....look what you're turning into."
Yikes! She attacks him!
Angel fight!
Well she didn't last long.....
Poor Cas....oh no! He's wounded!

He goes to Bobby's....draws a sigil on the fridge.
And collapses in Bobby's arms.

Dean's got a new hat and a new outfit...."I look good."
The Sheriff's dead....just a pile of ashes and a skull.
Dean becomes the new Sheriff. :D


Uh,Oh...demons have found Samuel Colt.
They want him to open the Devil's Gate....but he kills them first. Ha!

OMG Jensen's high voice.
"Howdy, pilgrim." Bet he's always wanted to say that. ;)
This deputy dude's the next one on Finch's hit list.
"Gank? What's gank?" LOL
Dean wants him to play his part....bait.

Sam finds Colt...and tells him exactly who he is....from the future.
Shows him his cell phone as proof....heh.
"A giant from the future..." Heehee!
Sammy's brought him his own journal...
Colt's retired....he's done hunting.
Heh. Sam can tell he's lying about losing the Colt.
He knows all the signs of him shooting the demons with it.
Colt says it's a curse....won't give it to him.
Sam: "So everything you did, it all means nothing? Give me the gun."

Cas wakes up...he tells Bobby about killing Rachel, about her corruption by Raphael. Uuummm...why do you look so guilty, Cas?
He can't pick up Dean & Sam....still too weak.
The sigil is a warding symbol against angels.
"...pick up the kids at frontierland." Hee!
Oh no...he needs to touch Bobby's soul, to get the energy.
He has to do it carefully or Bobby could explode. o.O


Sam's late and Dean's not happy...
He's got the deputy locked up.
There's Finch....
He reacts badly to iron...he's the phoenix.
Finch: "So you're a hunter..."
Dean: "Slash Sheriff."
Damn Jensen....lookin' hot in that hat.... *g*
The deputy killed Finch's wife....
Whoah! Finch grabs a gun and shoots the dude....Dean goes out the window and running for his life!
They've got the Colt!!!! "Hello beautiful."

Heh. Deadwood reference. :)
Bobby: "Just....don't explode me"

Showdown time....
One minute left...
Cas reaches into Bobby....
Dean got him!
Wow...firey end.
Dean: "Yipee-ki yay, mother..." Hee!
Get the ashes boys!
Damn. They didn't get them in time! :(


Poor Bobby....and Cas. :(
Okay....there's a package for Sam.
OMG it's from Colt!
Sam's cell phone....the ashes!
Dean: "We take the fight to her."
Dean puts the hat back on. Nice! :D

End Notes:
* I said this over on Twitter, but it bears repeating here...Proof that you can't believe all SPN spoilers: Rachel was supposed to be a reoccurring character? Instead, she's gone by her 2nd scene.
* Also, Sera mentioned tumbleweeds and how expensive they were up in Canada. Didn't see one tumbleweed. Just sayin'. So remember this folks, the next time you freak out over spoilers...I've said it once & I'll say it again. YOU CAN'T BELIEVE ALL SPOILERS. They lie. They all lie! They want to keep us guessing! *steps off soapbox*
* Still no real answers on what Cas is up to, except that it's probably nothing good if his lieutenant turned on him.
* Bobby comes through again! That poor man! Electrocuted when that worm got in his head and now had his soul groped by Cas. Owie. It was nice that Dean apologized to him.
* How handsome were the guys? OMG Jensen especially was so in his element. He needs to get a western movie roll once SPN is over.
* I liked how uneffected Samuel Colt was. A hardened, grizzled character who isn't thrown by a man from the future. He even figured out Sam's cell phone enough to send it and the ashes back to the boys.
* That was an awesome twist at the end, btw. Love it when Dean gets all badass and ready for war. *g* Putting the hat on with that little bit of a tweak was perfect! :D
* So much love for this eppy. Who's ready for next week? *g*

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