raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

Guess where I'm going?

Nah, you'll never guess.

I'm going to VanCon!!!!!!!!

Through an awesome bit of luck and timing, I was going to mention going to the convention to my mom on the very day that metallidean_grl put up one of her Gold Tickets for sale. Not to worry, she's still going, the ticket belongs to someone else who no longer can attend. Lately, I've been really itching to go. The only thing holding me back was all the real life drama going on and the fact that my aunt just had major surgery, so I've been helping her out a lot. But the convention's still several months away and dammit...I need some fun in my life again. So I decided to go for it and the Gold Ticket coming up like that was just perfect timing in my book. So after clearing everything with mom (who didn't put up a fight at all this time o.O) and my aunt (who said, "Yes, go. I'll be fine.") I'm all set to buy metallidean_grl's other ticket.

Honestly, I was ready to go with a Silver ticket (since Gold has been long sold out), just to be there. But I'm so glad I'm getting the Gold. I simply can't give up that Sunday Breakfast with the boys. I don't care about the other Gold perks...that breakfast is wonderful. It's extra time with them you don't get any other way.

Sadly, I JUST missed out on getting a Photo-op with Jensen. But I'm hoping someone will put one up for sale between now and the con. I'm willing to give up the J2 Sandwich one (which is already sold-out) if I can get the individual ones. Tonight I bought the Jared & Misha Photo-ops...just in case they suddenly sell out. Can't be too careful. I'll let the other ones go until I'm there at the Con...save myself a little cash by not paying Creation's service charge. ;)

So here's the seating chart for the Con. My seat last year was E21. This time it'll be G18 or 19. Look how close they are! Only a row in between! Awesome! And still in the middle sections too! Perfect for picture taking.

After the year I've had so far...even going back further into late last year: my mom's diagnosis with breast cancer, my grandpa dying, now my aunt's health problems....it's so nice to finally have a bright spot to look forward to. I couldn't bear the thought of the convention going on so close and not being there. I can't help it. The convention bug has bit and I can't let it go. Vancouver's practically in my backyard, I have a passport card, I can go anytime I want (well, not anytime, but you know what I mean). My hope is that as long as there's SPN conventions going on up there that I'll be able to go.

It's really going to be a rush to lose some weight in time. OMG and here I've packed on more pounds. Wish me luck, my friends! I'm gonna need it.

So who else is going? I know of a couple of you. See...now I can even talk about it. Before, I was so depressed about not going that I couldn't bear to mention it to others, didn't even want to hear or see anything about the con. But now I'm going!!!!! *more squeeing*

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