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Quickies 21 - Flist Edition

Haven't done one of these in months!

:: Goodies on the way!
Going to be mailing off all the Goodies (Xena calendars & Lost Mags) this afternoon. Hopefully they'll all arrive at their destinations in a timely manner. To 1_rhiannon_1 & blogbunneh, I hope your P.O. boxes can handle the big envelopes I'm using for the calendars. I'm re-using the ones Creation used to send me my calendars.

:: *sniff* It's spring?
You sure wouldn't know it by our weather. Damn it was cold yesterday and still is right now. It's only in the upper 30s and today is supposed to be quite the wild day with wind, rain, thunderstorms, and yes....even snow in some of the foothills. Crazy! Meanwhile, the spring flowers are dumping out a load of pollen into the air and I'm feeling it. Been blowing my nose a lot, only a little sneezing, but tonight my tonsils are swollen. My tonsils have always given me problems, so they're super sensitive. And of course, we happen to not have any Claratin in the house, so we'll be picking up some of that this afternoon. I've felt the effects of the pollen a lot during my walks when I end up breathing through my mouth instead of my nose. Plus, you go outside and the car is coated in the stuff. Yuck!

:: Family update
Mom is doing fine, just dealing with the hot flashes from the hormone drug she's taking as her final treatment for her breast cancer. At least it's not quite as bad as when she went through menopause. My aunt is still recovering from her hysterectomy surgery a month ago today. She still has a little pain, especially if she does too much, but she's getting better and slowly is able to do more. The bladder infection she got is now cleared up and she's been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. I guess it runs in the family...my grandma had it. My aunt is now learning she's not as healthy as she thought she was. I'm still helping her a lot, but it's with certain things that are still difficult and too much exertion for her now.

:: No more room!
We just got home a couple of hours ago from my grandparent's place. Brought a bunch more things back home, filled up the trunk. This was the first time my aunt went with us since her operation. Mom & I have been up twice by ourselves. Anyway, we're running out of room in our own houses for all this...stuff! We still have too much of our own junk to go through and get rid of and adding stuff from another house doesn't help. I'm hoping we can get a lot of this at least stored away better by August. Meanwhile, there's still a long way to go up at the house, plus we've had a little problem with theft. There's some storage outside in the carport and someone broke into them and took a few things (it was all just garbage that my cousin has been keeping there to put out for collection week by week). They also took a dead battery! LOL I dunno...why take just garbage? Weird. Thankfully they did not get into the house or any of the vehicles. Anyway, we're looking into putting up some chain link fencing because none of us can be there all the time. We're also trying to make our trips up a little more frequent, but at the same time, there's things to be done here at home.

:: VanCon 2011!!!!
If you haven't heard by now, yes! I'm going!!! Very excited to be going again. *happy sigh* No more depression over passing freeway signs that say Vancouver. :) Looking forward to Creation adding some more guests (Friday is kinda sparse). On my wish list? Samantha Ferris (Chad & Alona are already going...c'mon Creation!), Matt Cohen, Richard Speight Jr., Kurt Fuller, Mark Pellagrino, Traci Dinwiddie, and hell, anyone else from the production, but those are my top choices atm. Just heard where director Guy Norman Bee will be at Nashville Con. Lucky ducks! I hope they'll get him for VanCon too! Can you tell I'm a little excited? I wake up each day and almost have to pinch myself. I'm really going again. *squee* There's a lot to do: make a bunch of posts, including finish up posting things from the last 2 VanCons *sigh*, and then it'll be time to update the Filming Locations posts! But I'm thrilled to be heading back to my home away from home...Vancouver. :D

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