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The Royal Wedding

Yes, we (mom & I) stayed up to watch the royal nuptials starting at 1 in the morning our time. I really enjoyed watching it live and actively tweeting (amongst so many others) as the excitement grew.

I was just a kid back in 1981 when I was on vacation back in NJ w/my parents and we watched Charles & Diana marry from our motel room. I still remember that morning. So it seems very fitting to watch their oldest son marry. It helps, of course, that my mom is a long time royal watcher. I feel I've watched William & Harry grow up. How dashing and handsome they both looked as they arrived at Westminster Abbey! :)

And Kate! What a beautiful bride! I loved her dress. All that lace, the long sleeves, the beautiful veil that looked old fashioned, and the simple, but elegant tiara. I loved the little moments between the two of them, the smiles, the loving looks. I'll admit...I teared up a little during the ceremony and I was watching with a smile on my face as they said their vows. I loved the trees in the church...what nice touch! The wonderful carriage ride to Buckingham Palace. Two, count'em two kisses on the balcony! It was a fairytale wedding and I'm glad I lost sleep to watch it all unfold. After all...a royal wedding doesn't happen every day. :D

Congratulations to Prince William & Princess Catherine!

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