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Random Randomness

:: Been reading Behind The Wall Of Sleep by Muffy Morrigan (highly recommended, btw) and now I really want a Season 7 episode where Dean is blind. The angst would be epic! Yes, I'm sadistic like that. :P

Almost started writing my own fanfic about Dean getting blinded by a spirit or something, but didn't get very far. :|

:: I really want to add in some new icons, but I'm torn about what to drop and what to keep. *sigh* This is why I need more userpic slots.

:: The weather's beautiful today. Not as warm as they're forecasting for tomorrow, but lots of sun. I sense a walk in my near future.

:: Going to get my First Impressions for 6x19 posted tonight and possibly get 6x18 capped.

:: Also in the process of fixing Jensen in Smallville's S4 caps. ;)

*returns you to your Saturday*

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