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First Impressions: 6x19 Mommy Dearest

Welcome to my new way of doing SPN reviews...

Caps are out, in place of my notes taken during the airing of the episode. This way I can get the review done & posted within a few hours instead of a few days or weeks. Hope you don't mind the lack of pretty pics.

Recap: Crowley rounding up creatures, Crowley's death, Monsters, Eve, the ashes of a Phoenix, Frontierland.

Uh oh....it's Eve
What'd she do to him? Weird.
She enters the bar, breaks off the doorhandles...that's not good.
That's not a good kiss..."I gave him a gift."
And now they're attacking the other people....yikes.
She just sits back and enjoys the show.

They're loading the phoenix ashes into bullets....cool.
Five shells only.
Dean's not too sure it'll work...didn't phase him on his arm.
Sam's right, it's supposed to effect Eve not humans.
Bobby suggests they call Cas.
Dean: Why has it always got to be me that makes the call, huh? It's not like Cas lives in my ass. The dude's busy. Cas, get out of my ass!
Eve's hidden from all angels...
Sam suggests they need a friendly monster to help out.
Hello Lenore!
Heh. Dean all proud of Sammy killing Gordon. :P
Lenore wants to stay away from Eve....her voice is in the monster's heads...and everyone gives in.
Grants Pass, Oregon. Hee! I know that place. :)
She wants them to kill her....she's dangerous.
OMG Cas just melted her brains out! o.O
"We needed to move this along." Sheesh

Grants Pass is quiet...don't mean it's not dangerous.
Dean: Well, I was expecting more Zombieland, less Pleasantville.
LOL The boys in the diner....Bobby's not happy with the iPad. LOL
Uh oh....Cas can't wing out....he's blocked, no powers.
DEAN: So wait, Mom's making you limp?
CAS: Figuratively, yes.
DEAN: How?
CAS: I don't know, but she is.
DEAN: Well, that's great, because without your power, you're basically just a baby in a trenchcoat. (Cas looks upset.)
SAM: I think you hurt his feelings.

"I have a, uh, painful burning sensation."
LOL Smooth Cas. :P
Ooooh, Dean lock picking! Blood....uh oh....and the dead body of Ed Bright in the shed. Yikes.

Bobby & Sam are going to meet Dr. Silver.
Local law enforcement meets them....
Hee! Work it Bobby...Love it when he calls the boys Idjit. :P

The boys meet up and compare notes....
Oh,....it's the dead dude...Ed, who's not dead.
"You know who whines? Babies." Ouch, Dean.
The boys bust into the house and find a lot of dead bodies....all of them looking like Ed Bright. Hmmmmm....


One's still alive....but he's not Ed. Okay....
Sam trying to keep him focused, get the info out of him....
Dude's failing fast....damn....he's gone.
Bobby says it's like an infection and Dean's gonna bathe in Purell tonight. :P

They all go to the bar....bodies everywhere...it's not pretty.
Dean finds a vampire/wraith....weird.
BOBBY: Well, congrats. You discovered it. You get to name it.
DEAN: Jefferson Starships. (Bobby and sam look confused.) Huh, because they're horrible - and hard to kill.

Eve's making hybrids...or "Jefferson Starships" according to Dean. LOL
Oh no....the sheriff and his posse. Bobby's smooth talking won't work this time. Dean hid out of sight and didn't get arrested!

But they're all Jefferson Starships! Yikes! Boys!!!! Dean comes to the rescue though.
They keep one alive to interrogate.
"More Starships." Hee!
Sam & Dean investigate....and find two little boys in a cell.
Guys how do you know they're not monsters?

The kids are pretty quiet....but they did see things, they know of Eve.
Cas tries to remind Dean there's more than two lives at stake here. Like he doesn't know that...but I digress.
Dean: You know what, I'm getting a little sick and tired of the greater purposes, okay? I think what I'd like to do now is save a couple of kids. If you don't mind.

So Sam & Dean are driving the boys to their uncle and Sam & Dean are looking back at Joe telling little Ryan to get some sleep....awww....brothers. :)

Cas you're no fun anymore...
Bobby wants to keep interrogating the monster...

The boys drop off the kids safely. That was nice.

Cas wants 5 minutes alone with the monster...
WTH....even without his powers....and bloody hands...but he got the location of Eve.


Sam & Dean are back and Dean hands out the shells of ashes.
Ervin's Diner....Dean decides he and Sam will go in to bait her.
Everything looks normal....
Sam sees Starships...everywhere through his phone. *flashes back to "Hollywood Babylon"* *g*
Hello Eve...the waitress.
Damn...they're trapped.
She knows about the Phoenix ash...cute.
She was content with the natural order until her children were taken and murdered.
And now she's turned into Mary.....not fair!
Crowley's alive????
Souls are power...she'll turn as many humans as necessary to protect her children.
It took a while for Eve to make the perfect monster....and they've been with one the whole time...
Damn...the little boy, Ryan. I knew it.

Ryan infected Joe...and there goes the uncle.


Oh boys...more guilt. :(
She's really playing them...the evil bitch.
She proposes a deal....they find Crowley they get to live.
Dean says no, against Sam's protests.
Damn....they've got Cas & Bobby.
Eve threatens to turn Sam & Dean....Dean says bring it on.
And she does...eeeep! Bites him in the neck!
But Dean had a plan all along....he drank down some of the Phoenix ash! Woot! Yay! Dean!!!!!
She dies an ugly, messy death and her monsters start attacking.
Cas takes them all out in one flash of his newly restored powers. He even heals Dean. :)
Dean says they have to go after the little boys....doesn't want to hear "I told you so" from Cas. Heh.

They get there and find the dead uncle....and the boys are in the stairwell, also dead.
Sulfer....demons killed the kids...the plot thickens.


The boys reveal that Crowley's still alive and collecting the monsters.
Cas disappears to find out if it's true.
Bobby's questioning about Cas now....and Sam kinda agrees....uh oh...
Dean's not happy.

Cas is back in the diner with the bodies...and there's Crowley!
Crowley: "How many times am I going to have to clean up your messes?"
Cas what are you doing? Turning darkside?

End Notes:
* I knew something was up with those two kids. Granted, the boys did all the usual tests, but they know new monsters are in town. It would make sense that the usual tests don't work on them.
* Love the Jefferson Starhips bit. Oh, Dean....only you could name a creature that. :D
* Dean proves again how resourceful he is, drinking the Phoenix ash with some whiskey to kill Eve. That was brilliant! Also loved how concerned Sam was for his brother. Missed that so much over the first half of the season.
* So the biggest surprise is that Crowley's not dead. That's cool! He's a demon, but he's a cool one. And based on the last scene he might be working for Cas. o.O This could explain a lot. Seems to me the gathering up of the monsters wasn't for Crowley wanting Purgatory at all, but for Cas to gather more souls for his army. Guess we'll find out more in the next eppy. ;)
* I guess I was a little surprised that Sam sided with Bobby about suspecting Cas's actions. He seemed so supportive of the angel throughout the episode. But maybe he's realizing more now and putting it with some of his soulless Sam memories of working for Crowley? I'm thinking even Dean knows something's up with Cas, he just doesn't want to admit it yet.
* Three episodes left! Eeeeee! They're gonna be epic! Can't wait! :D

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