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The end of another comm?

Looks as though I might shut down another one of my LJ comms. :(

Try as I might, I can't seem to make these things work the way I'd like. This time I'm talking about spn_favorites. I tried running it on my own for a while, but soon realized I needed help and brought in stacy_l as a co-mod. We tried themes, lots of ideas...nothing really took off. Then we opened the comm up, allowing open pimping/reccing with no restrictions, no themes, and no more once a month self-pimping. For a while it seemed to be working, but posts have dropped back down again.

Part of this is my own fault. I haven't posted anything to the comm for a very long time, despite knowing I should. Truth is, I don't have the time anymore to deal with the comm and I'm not happy about the lack of posts (especially when so many people just rec things on their own journals...what do we really need a comm for?).

I'd like to thank stacy_l for her help and enthusiasm. Sorry I didn't warn you about this, but I'm just feeling it all at once here.

It's so discouraging, but I'm out of ideas as to what to do. Seriously thinking of pulling the plug and filing it away with my other failed Jensen comm.

Le sigh...

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