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Upcoming Posts

With Season 6 of SPN nearly finished and the summer hiatus soon upon us, I thought I'd let you know what to expect here at my journal over the next several months.

Hiatus? What hiatus? I'm not going to have one. Lookie what I've got planned...

SPN Season 6 Hi-Res Caps:
I'll start posting all my S6 caps once the hiatus begins. I know a lot of people have been waiting for these.

SPN S6 B&W Fanart:
Like seasons in the past, I'll once again be making fanart over the summer for each episode.

SPN Revealed for Season 2:
I know there's a lot of fans of these posts and I'm so sorry for not getting back to them sooner.

Jensen on Season 4 of Smallville Caps:
Just need to do a final sort on a couple of episodes, upload, and then I'm ready to start posting these. :)

Remaining VanCon 09 & 2010 Posts:
I never got to post my autographs & photo-ops from last year and I still have Filming Location photos from both cons to post. I want to get these done before this year's convention.

SPN Convention/Vancouver Posts:
I've got several posts planned: SPN Conventions - A Newbie's Guide, Sheraton Wall Centre in Vancouver, BC, and an I-Love-Vancouver post.

SPN Filming Locations:
Plan on updating these (and making new posts for Season 6) starting in June (or possibly sooner). I'd also like to make an additional list based on locations in and around Vancouver, so it'll be easy to just print out (used in conjunction with the Season lists) to take it with you when you're in the Vancouver area.

SPN Name That Cap Challenge 3:
This has been a big hit during the past summer hiatuses, so I figured we'd do it again. :)

Single Fanart Series:
Similar to my Random Cap Art and One Cap Fanart posts, I thought I'd resurrect this tag and use it to post some pieces I made last year and never got around to posting. Instead of the fanart being from my caps they use some of the production stills from various episodes.

Well there you have it. Phew! I'm going to be busy, that's for sure. :P
There'll be other things too, but these are the main ones. And then at the beginning of Sept. will be the new VanCon reports...oh boy! :)

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