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SPN 6x21 & 6x22 Promo Caps!

This is it folks! The final two episodes on one night (this Friday). Are you ready? :D

All caps posted here at 853x480.

Beware of spoilers & speculation within. ;)

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Is this soulless Sam again? His hell-beaten half? Either way, this is in Bobby's house.

Sam: This is your last chance. Much speculation online if that is the demon-killing knife he's handing over.

Sam looking scared.

Or should that be distressed? :(

Castiel: Are you with me? Or not?

What will Balthazar choose?

Dean: We were family once.

Oh Cas...is there any way back from what he's done? From what he will do?

Crowley: Can't trust anyone these days.

Demon-possessed Lisa takes Ben hostage.

Scared Ben. Eeep!

Sorry the Dean cap is a little blurry.

OMG Impala!!!!! *cries* Kripke you promised you wouldn't hurt the car!!!! *shakes fist* Boys!!! Sam has walked away but where is Dean?

Dean: Just because you can do what you want..

doesn't mean you get to do whatever you want.

Red-eyed demon, possibly holding Lisa.

This looks like in Bobby's junkyard. Some bodies off to the left, devil's trap on the floor, and that looks like Dean getting flung backwards.

Dean (cont'd): Like opening a door to Monsterville!

Cas, Cas, Cas...what is going to happen to you?

Dean with an angel sword!

Crowley and Raphael with some interesting symbols on the wall.

Raphael with an angel sword.

H.P. Lovecraft.

Something shattering that window. o.O

That's some kind of an alter with cups and blood and I don't know what else...

and it looks like Dean falling onto it. :(

It's Dr Visyak from "Like A Virgin" again.

Bobby in a trenchcoat? Bobby: All this comes down to one angel.

Balty, do you know who's behind you?

Ben's interesting reading choice.

Castiel: You either flee, or you die.

Cas bowing before Crowley and Raphael?

Sam running full tilt, gun in hand.

Lisa getting captured by demons.

Someone's getting their neck snapped.

A bloody-mouthed Lisa.

Ben gets to fire a shotgun.

Dean getting strangled again.

Crowley: Even I don't break contracts like this.

Cas is the big question mark of the finale.

Is this the building where Crowley's been dissecting monsters? Are those angels or demons standing around?

Either way, something big is going down.

I. can't. wait! :D *glees*

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