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Music Monday: "Maybe" by Jesse Cook

Please indulge my fangirly ways a bit here... ;)
Do you ever hear a song that makes you think of a certain person or a TV show, even though most people wouldn't make that connection?

I have songs that make me think of Jensen Ackles. I know, crazy, right? I'm probably the only one who does this. There are certain Bee Gees songs that I equate with Jensen...don't ask me to explain why, they just fit in my opinion.

The same goes with this song by Jesse Cook. It's the lyrics. Check it out...

The lyrics talk about seeing someone on the street, there's an attraction, but you can tell it's one-sided. It's a dream, a longing, a wishing for something that will never be. I just think this would fit the moment if one was to ever see Jensen somewhere out in public (obviously before he got married *g*). It also fits seeing him at a convention. The heart flutters, you get nervous, he's so good looking, but it will never be.

I see you walking down the street
I look at you, you look at me
And in that moment that we greet
I drift away

Standing in the evening sun
Your eyes look tender, then they're gone
And how I wish that I belonged
But I don't say

That maybe I'm the one you seek
And maybe you and I could speak
And maybe we could start to see
If only this wasn't just a dream

I'm standing waiting in the sun
I'm hoping that you'll come along
I've been here almost every day
But you don't show

I see you walking down the street
I look at you, you look at me
And in that moment maybe we
Could drift away

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