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What's with all the hateful posts on my flist people? o.O

I'm not even all caught up on my flist for the day and I come across not one, but two ranting, seething posts about Gen and Danneel possibly ever attending another convention (specifically if they ever show up for a Creation Con).
Edit: Okay, so I edited this sentence because it was actually only 2 posts, but one had comments in it from several of my flisters and I was really unsettled by it all.

What. The. Hell???
I'm really shocked by what I read...and actually a little hurt.

I understand this is all about the latest Asylum6 Con last weekend and the wives were there for autographs and photo-ops.

Lemme say this....Big Friggin' Deal.

1 - I doubt Creation would ever have Gen or Danneel as active guests. I saw Danneel at VanCon 09 and I heard Gen was there last year. It would make sense for Gen to be a guest since she did have a major roll on the show.

2 - If you're going to quibble about Gen & Danneel, why on earth isn't there an uproar over Steve Carlson and Jason Manns attending various Cons? After all, they're not actors on the show, only a few of their songs were used and they're friends of Jensen's. Where's the hate for these guys? Hmmmm????

3 - They're the wives of the leads from the show. IMO they should be given respect. How do you think Jensen & Jared feel when they find out how some fans feel about their wives? Just how many conventions do you think the boys would want to attend where they felt their wives weren't welcome? Put yourself in their place, people.

4 - I have no issues with either Gen or Danneel. I've never spoken to either one of them (though I certainly wouldn't mind it) and I think their acting is just fine. I bear no ill will to either one of them, after all....they're married to two guys I think are absolutely wonderful! :)

5 - A Con isn't required to have guests that everyone likes. If they're offering photo-ops with someone you don't care about...don't buy a ticket, but don't close down an opportunity for others to get it if they want. I didn't get photo-ops with every guest at the two Cons I've attended so far. It wasn't because I disliked the people (I didn't feel that way about any of them), it was simply because I really didn't want to go to the expense for everyone.

If I see Gen or Danneel at this year's VanCon (or any future ones) I'll be happy. If I get a chance to say a simple hello or even a little more, all the better. Would I pay to have a photo-op or autograph with either of them? I very well might. I'd certainly be open to the idea.

I just don't understand all this hatred. We don't own Jensen or Jared. We don't control how they lead their lives or who they've chosen to love and marry. Gen and Danneel are part of their lives now. If they choose to bring them along to conventions that is also THEIR CHOICE.

What's next? Death threats sent to Gen & Danneel if they dare show their faces at a Con again? Bomb threats sent to the convention hotel if they're in attendance? We're above this, folks.

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