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First Impressions: 6x21 Let It Bleed

Welcome to my new way of doing SPN reviews...

Caps are out, in place of my notes taken during the airing of the episode. This way I can get the review done & posted within a few hours instead of a few days or weeks. Hope you don't mind the lack of pretty pics.

Recap: Lisa getting over Dean, Ben missing Dean, Dr. Vishiak, Raphael, Cas's civil war pact with Crowley, Balthazar, Cas protecting the boys, Dean's ultimatum to Cas.

Mar. 15, 1937...
H.P. Lovecraft is typing...finishing a book.
At least he's got a gun...
It was a dark & stormy night...again. Heh.
Nobody there...or is there?
Whoah...oh, he's dead....bloodily.

The boys are still at Bobby's...researching through Campbell's books and complaining about Cas.
Cas stole a Campbell journal...cute.
Good thing Bobby made a copy. Heh.
Bobby: Hi, glad to meet you. Bobby Singer. Paranoid bastard.
LOL! I love you Bobby! :D

Hee! Dean doesn't know who H.P. Lovecraft is...(hey, man, it's okay, I'd never heard of him either)
Dean: Am I supposed to know who that is?
Bobby: Horror writer. At the Mountains of Madness, The Call of Cthulu?
Dean: No, I was too busy having sex with women.

So maybe there's a tie to purgatory here...

Ben's reading Lovecraft...
Lisa and her new squeeze, Dr. Matt are watching baseball..
Uh oh...demons!
Well that was a short part. They broke Matt's neck.
Ben's calling Dean!
He's freaked...poor kid.
OMG He's telling him to jump out the window! "A few broken bones is nothing compared to what they'll do to you." (quote approximate)
But it's too late... :(
Crowley...you bastard.


Dean's understandably pissed...and Crowley's not backing down.
Lisa and Ben live as long as the boys back off.
Dean's going after them...Sam wants to come along, but Dean says no way.

The boys do a summoning ritual in Bobby's yard....for Balty, who's less than pleased.
And he's not surprised that Crowley's alive...Cas told him.
But he doesn't know everything...
Dean wants his help in finding Ben & Lisa.
And he just takes off. Great.
Dean doesn't wanna call Cas...

Bobby's talking to a kid who has the biggest collection of Lovecraft's books.
Uh oh..."the other guy"...Cas has already been there.
Lovecraft was into black magic...trying to open a portal to another dimension.
And of course, the papers are missing. Dammit, Cas.
Oh, there's the tiger print again - seen in Andy's van in "Simon Said" and Sam's motel room in "Lazarus Rising". Hee!

And there's that Vancouver rain. ;)
Nice view of Bobby's yard from Sam's coverage...
"Making a few inquiries" Um...yeah....Dean's back to demon interrogating/torturing. Oh, this can't be good.
Sam's worried...I would be too.
He wants Dean to take a break...uh oh. Yikes.
Dean's responsible for Lisa & Ben...and there it is, that guilt over people he can't protect.
So Sam goes outside to call for Cas...
He's begging...and Cas is there, just invisible again.

So Cas goes to Crowley to confront him about the abduction.
Crowley: "I'd rather ask forgiveness than permission."
Too funny because that's the filmmaker's mantra. ;)
Uh oh...what's Cas hearing?
Crowley: "Call on the Bat phone?" Hee!

It was Balty calling Cas. Cool.
He wants the truth from Cas. He wants to know why he's working with Crowley.
Cas is going to take in all the souls??? Whoah.
Cas: "Are you with me, or not?"
Balty agrees.

Bobby's doing another interview...Cas has been there too.
This guy was there at the party back in 1937...the spell worked and a door opened.
Demon possession maybe?
I wanna know who was in the picture!

Dammit Dean...you just broke the devil's trap!
Crap. Owie. :(
CAS!!!! To the rescue!


Cas confesses he didn't know Crowley would take Ben & Lisa.
Dean doesn't believe him.
Dean is so through with him...
Cas asks for Dean's trust...
The same deal Crowley wanted...Dean doesn't want it.
Oh, Dean. :(
Castiel: I thought you said we were like family? Well I think that too. Shouldn't trust run both ways?
Dean: Cas, I just can't...
Castiel: Dean, I do everything that you ask. I always come when you call. And I am your friend. Still, despite your lack of faith in me and now your threats. I just saved you yet again. Has anyone other than your closest kin ever done more for you? All I ask is this one thing.

Granted, Cas has a point here, but on the other hand...Dean had this same problem with Sam in Season 4 and look what happened there. Sam wanted his trust then, too, but he was working with Ruby, using his powers, drinking demon blood. He thought he was doing the right thing, but someone has to be the one to say no. Someone has to have the forethought to see where this will end up. Dean has been that person...both times.

Lots of rain for this eppy. Heh.
Bobby's visiting Dr. Visyak...Elly
Wait a sec...Eleanor was the name on the back of that photo!
And he shows it to her...OMG
What is she??? 900 years old. A monster of some kind. Whoah.
Damn...Bobby never knew of course.
She's on her own side...she likes it on earth.
He knows Cas is looking for her...
He wants to protect her...she has some plans. Will protect herself.

Sam's all alone at Bobby's...drinking.
Balty. He's officially on their team.

Balthazar tells the boys that he doesn't trust Cas. Join the club, dude.
He found Ben & Lisa, but he can't get in.
He takes them to the building...and they're on their own from here.
Go boys!
Don't split up boys!!!! *sigh* When will they learn???
Oh damn! Sammmy!!!!!
They lock him away. Dammit!
Heh. Here comes Dean...
Awesome. Love how we hear him taking out the demons one by one before we even see him.
Damn....Lisa's possessed and she's got Ben hostage. o.O


Damn...nasty demon...toying with Ben and with Dean.
Dean: It's not your mom, Ben. She's lying.
Demon!Lisa: Says the C minus lay with ten miles of Daddy issues. Whatever gets you through the night, Tiny Tim.

Dean....always prepared.
Yes! Exorcism! He's got it all memorized now. ;)
Go Dean, Go!!!!
No!!!! She just stabbed herself in the gut. o.O
Yeah, he's gotta finish it anyway.
Damn....and Sam's out of it.
Whoah...quick shotgun lesson 101 for Ben.
Now to get Sam free....
Go guys, Go!
Oh Damn...she's not doing well. :(


Well, she's in the hospital...she made it that far.
Dean apologizes to Ben...who leaves.
Cas is there...Damn...Lisa's going to die. :(
Cas heals her...wow.
"Dean I said I'm sorry and I meant it."
This doesn't change anything for Dean though.
Dean wants one more favor from Cas....

Ben tells Lisa they were in a car crash.
Oh...They have no memory of Dean. Wow.
He gets to say goodbye...poor Dean.
Oh, damn...I wanna hug Dean! *cries*

Riverview! Hee!
Aw, Sam is there waiting for him. And Dean acts like it was nothing. Aw, c'mon man.
He doesn't want them mentioned ever again. :( *cries*

Oh, Damn...Cas found Elly. :(

End Notes:
* Despite Kripke saying at Paley Fest that he thought people would be confused or whatever with having these 2 last episodes shown back to back, I thought they worked great together. You have the 1st hour centered on Dean and the 2nd on Sam.
* Crowley continues to get all the best lines! Followed quickly by Balthazar. Hee!
* Dean saying goodbye to Lisa and Ben broke my heart. Jensen just oozed pain in that scene. Then in the car with Sam...I love how Sam complained until Dean said he'd break his nose if he ever mentioned Lisa & Ben again and then you could see it. Sam got it. It was all there in Dean's tear-filled eyes. He spent a year with them, after all. They were his family, but he did this to save them. I loved Sam's quiet nod of the head in acceptance. Beautifully done.
* It was fun seeing Bobby conducting all those interviews where it's usually the boys. Great reveal to him and to us about Elly's true character. Never saw that one coming.
* Cindy did an awesome job in the possession scene. Whoah. That was one nasty demon. My first thought was maybe this was a demon who spent some time in hell with Dean. You gotta wonder...
* I'm glad they brought back Dean's torturing ways. You don't just lose the effects of hell so easily. You could see him in that dark place again, as he was with Alastair. Sam could see what was happening to Dean, too, wanting him to take a break and clear his head.

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