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First Impressions: 6x22 The Man Who Knew Too Much

Welcome to my new way of doing SPN reviews...

Caps are out, in place of my notes taken during the airing of the episode. This way I can get the review done & posted within a few hours instead of a few days or weeks. Hope you don't mind the lack of pretty pics.

The Road So Far....yes!!!!
Love it. :D

OMG...Sam...running for his life...from the cops
Hides in an ally...breaks into a building.
It's a bar....gal just wants him to leave.
Use the puppy eyes Sammy
He doesn't know who he is. o.O

He has no memory at all...he woke up on a park bench with a cop checking him out.
Sam: I woke up on a park bench, cops shoving a flashlight into my face, trying to take me in.
Robin: So you ran?
Sam: No, I knocked them out cold, both of them. I didn't mean to, it's just happened really fast. You know, instinct or something, I guess.

He feels he needs to stop something...life or death important.
Heh. She's cool.
He finds a Lovecraft book on the shelf.
Night Owl Hotel...she wants him to go to a hospital, but since he refuses that she'll help him out instead.

Heh. Sam knows the best place to go to in the building.
And he knows how to open locks...of course.
Robin: "Dude. Who are you?" He gets asked that alot.
Lots of stuff on the walls....hunter style.
Jimmy Page ID...heh. and a few others...
Article about Elly....more flashbacks

Bobby and the boys are searching for Elly.
And they find her...she's hurt. Cas...dammit.
She told them (Cas & Crowley) how to get into Purgatory.
They'll open it tomorrow....awww...she's gone. :(
Cas....he's sorry.
Damn...Save Sam from what????
No Cas!!!! What have you done??? :(

Sam knows his name now anyway.
Sam: I was with two guys. One was like a male model type. And the other was an older guy named - Bobby.
LMAO at the male model type line. Too true, of course. XD
Yeah, she's done...heh.
He's got the Impala??? Wow.
Love how he knows it's his though. :)
What the...??? Who shot baby???
WTH??? It's Sam...um...what???
Oh Sam....he's in the panic room...out...poor Dean keeping watch. :(


Inside the panic room....Dean's helpless... :(
Dean: We can't just sit here Bobby, I've got to help him... Dreamscape his noggin, something!
They've got no leads at all.
Dean wants Bobby to find Cas...

Sam is still with Robin...driving in the Impala.
She's scared...rightfully so.

Oh wow...Dean got through by shining that light in Sam's eye in the panic room!
Night turns to day for Sam...
He senses something....at least the trunk's loaded.
He leaves her in the car to hunt...whatever.
The other Sam!!!! He's hiding.
Soulless Sam?
Sam's been shattered into pieces. :(
Yep...soulless Sam. Knew it.
Damn Jared. Awesome work here.
Dream!Sam: I'm hallucinating?
Dream!Soulless Sam: Warmer. But see normally you're awake when you're tripping balls.

Gah!!!! He's shooting at Sammy!
Heh. Tricked you!!!!
Ooooh. Good shot Sammy.
"the other one"
Oh man...convulsing in the panic room...Poor Dean.

He returns to Robin...different. He remembers her.
Oh wow...he shot her.
Bye Robin.
Dean still keeping vigil on Sam.
Balty! He was having 2nd thoughts about helping them.
He's got Cas and Crowley's location, but he won't zap them there.
He's done enough. *sigh*
eCrowley and Cas are getting ready to open the door...
Cas want to re-negociate...Crowley gets no souls at all.
Castiel: "You either flee, or you die."

So Crowley leaves.

Bobby's house...drapped in clothes and in candles...Sammy checks it out.
Oh damn...
"the other one"

This is creepy...
Oh man...
"I'm the one who remembers hell."


Bobby stocking up the weapons...
Dean has to leave Sammy... :(
Oh boys...He tells unconscious Sam where they'll be and to follow when he wakes up.
"Sammy please."

Sammy's figured it out...needs to get back to his body.
HellSammy's the last piece.
Sam: "I'm not leaving my brother alone out there."
OMG *cries*
He kills the last piece...oh boy.
Sammy!!!!! and Dean isn't there to help him. :(

Balty drops in on Cas...who knows Dean is on the way.
He doesn't suspect Balty....maybe.
Cas doesn't understand.
No!!!! Cas!!!! He killed Balty. :(
It's Bobby & Dean in the Impala...they spot angels in the building.
What is that banging?
Dean: What the hell is that? T-Rex maybe?
Oh, damn! Demons!!!!!
OMG....no!!!!! They flipped the Impala!!!!!
Crowley is back.
Cas can't pull him.
'Cause Raphael is protecting him. Crap.


Crowley having trouble deciding what sex Raphael is. Hee!
"The new God"
Oh goodie...that's what all this is about?
LOL I do love Crowley.
"Flee or die."
in Cas's voice. :P
Cas just leaves them. o.O
The ritual begins...
Dean!!!! Bobby!!!! at least they're alive. Phew!
They sneak in....Damn...Throwing the angel sword at Raph didn't work.
Oh man!
Sammy!!!!! Get in there!
Damn..he's having Hell flashbacks.
Hurry Sam!
Ooops...nothing happened.
Oh...Cas, you sneaky angel....he swapped the jars of blood!
Oh wow....Cas has the power. o.O


Cas has all the souls...millions of them. This is not good.
Crowley flees.
OH...bye bye Raphael. Cas splattered him.
What the...Cas no...
Dean tries to reason with him...give up the power.
Sam tries to kill him with the angel sword...nothing.
He's not an angle anymore...he's God. Whoah.
They bow down before him or they'll be destroyed.

End Notes:
* I was so impressed by Jared's acting in this ep, especially in the dream sequences. The differences between all the many parts of Sam, done to perfection. Cold-blooded soulless!Sam and his showdown with dream!Sam was taut and amazingly done. Equally, dream!Sam's talk with tortured!Sam was not as scary as one would expect. They understood each other, knowing what the other would do, what they had to do, despite the risks....get Sam back to himself and to his brother.
* I am so glad Sam is himself again. He's still having the flashbacks, but Cas claimed that he "saved" him, whatever that means. I'm thinking those flashbacks are going to be a continuing problem. Poor Sammy. :(
* I've heard of some hate for Dean out there for him leaving Sam alone in the panic room. Did you see how it tore him up to leave his brother? He wanted to stay, watch over Sam, but he couldn't. They were running out of time and since they had Crowley & Cas's location they had to act on it. Sam would've wanted that.
* I can't believe they broke the Impala again! Gah!!!!! Dean will fix her. He will. Can't have a show without the Impala. ;)
* So sad to say goodbye to Balthazar. He was the angel equivalent to Crowley: witty and snarky. I hope they find a way to bring him back.
* Good to know Crowley lived to see another day. Like Meg (who's still around - yay), he knows when it's time to cut and run.
* Then we come to Castiel. Proof that too much power is a bad thing. Granted, having Raphael with that kind of power would've been a lot worse. I know some fans are upset that Cas changed so much. I like it. Talk about a character arc! He's come a long way from that quiet angel who pulled Dean from hell. I still like Cas. His devotion to Dean and his weakness around Crowley was his undoing. He failed to seek Dean's help because he thought he could handle Crowley, thought he could save Sam from the pit, thought he could defeat Raphael. In the end, he failed at just about all of it because of his own pride (fed by Crowley). Interesting now that he has all this power that he's become the essence of his big bad brother Raphael, wanting others to bow before him in submission. The very thing he learned from the Winchesters, the thing he fought for...freedom - he is now taking away from his friends. I can't wait to see how they get out of this in the Season 7 premiere. How do you stop a God? How do you save Cas? Is there a way?

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