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Quickies 22

:: Going to be changing my journal's background & header again. With SPN over for the hiatus, it's time change things up a bit. Done!
I'm also planning on redoing my Profile & Introductory post.

:: First up on the posting agenda? My Convention Guide for Newbies (actual name of the post may change) which I hope to have up sometime today.

:: It's 3 months until VanCon!!! *squee* :D

:: It's raining...again. *sigh* A few days of actual warm, spring weather and it's back to cold and wet. *mopes* :(

:: My heart goes out to those in the mid and eastern U.S. getting hit by dozens of deadly tornadoes. Stay safe my friends.

:: My knees are already killing me from not getting any sleep last night. Owie. Gonna be a long day.

Oh, hell. This was a nothing post, huh? Here. Random cap for some pretty. :P

Tags: countdown, livejournal, quickies, ramblings, random cap, real life, squee, supernatural, vancon 2011
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