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My Userpics: What to keep or not keep?

I did this post last year and I figured "Why not ask for help again?". Been getting tired of some of my icons, but swapping new ones in is always a tough job. Help!!!

My LJ account was recently renewed, so I've got 5 new empty userpic slots to fill. I've been waiting like crazy for these, but now that I have them, I'm wondering which icons I should replace with new ones. Naturally, I love all my icons, so this is very difficult. I thought I'd get the opinions of all of you. :D

Please, if you would...

++ Check out my Userpics

++ Answer the following questions:

My top 5 favorite icons are:
My least favorite 5 icons are:
An icon you should use more often:
An icon you use too much:
Icon suggestion (what type of icon you think I need more of):

Thank you! :D

Tags: help, livejournal
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