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Random Pic

Had to buy a container yesterday for all my Flash Drives because the pouch I was using before was too full. How many do I have, you may ask? Fifteen. There used to be another blue 256mb one, but it quit working. Too old, I suspect. :P

Most of these were purchased for various reasons, but a few were freebies from stores for buying certain things. Gotta love that! :) I started getting Flash Drives back when I was in college with the 128mb ones (God, that's so tiny by today's standards).

Every one of these has files on it. They range in size from 128mb to 32GB.
There's so many I have to put stickers on them or colored bands to tell them apart and know what I've got on them, but even then it's hard to remember.

I think I should start naming them. :P

Tags: personal photos, real life, technology
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