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Jared joins Twitter

Got online today to find out that Jared has taken the leap and joined the masses on Twitter.

Yes, it's official. He confirmed it this morning at NashCon.
Jared's Twitter name is @jarpad. It was the only configuration he could find that wasn't already in use!

Video by gothicanalove of Jared making the announcement at the breakfast.

I know I'm taking a chance posting my own opinion on this whole thing, but here it is...

Is Jared offering himself up to the crazy fans out there and possible abuse by said fans?
-- Yes, but he's a big boy and he can make his own decisions. I'm sure he can handle it. That being said, I hope the crazies will leave him alone. Yeah, I know...highly unlikely.

Twitter is a fun outlet and it looks like he's already got his eyes set on pranking Misha with it. This could get fun. *g* I figure the more SPN cast members online through Twitter the better. We get a chance to interact with them. That's more than a lot of other fans of TV shows can say.

Do I think Jensen will eventually join Twitter?
-- Meh. Probably not, but I certainly wouldn't mind if he did. He seems pretty disinterested in the whole thing, even mocking Misha about it at JIBCon this year. But you never know...I didn't think Jared would end up on Twitter either. Life is unpredictable.

So count me as one of the thousands who are thrilled. :)

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