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NashCon Pics from justine_andrews

I was in contact via phone messaging with wynefred & justine_andrews all weekend as they attended their first convention ever in Nashville. I gotta talk people into attending conventions more often. This is fun! Even though I'm still attending VanCon this year (and probably the next year and the next...) it's still fun to witness, even virtually, people seeing the boys for the first time and all the excitement of that first convention. :D

They sent me various text messages and photos and on Saturday night they called me on the phone so they could share in all their giddy fangirly fun. Had a great time chatting for nearly half an hour and I loved feeling all that first-time con-goer experience with them. Btw, girls...did you notice me picking up on your southern accents? LOL It's very easy for me to slip into that once I hear it. :P

Anyway, justine_andrews asked if I would post the pics she sent to me and I'm happy to oblige. The captions (in quotes) are the ones she sent with the photos.

::Click on the pics for bigger versions::

From Breakfast with Jared & Jensen

"Look how close trickster/richard got to us!"

"Lg poster of THE car sold at auction today for $560! Can you believe that??!!!"

"Misha auctioned autographed script from my heart will go on for $2500!! With a fresh eyelash."

I think this is still Misha auctioning off the script.

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